Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Because if tens of people that you don't know can't stop the procrastination, who can?

So, BooMama is holding a little Good Housekeeping meets HGTV session for all of us procrastinating bloggers who would rather sit in front of a plasma screen and type than finish our to-do projects at home. The thought is that putting the goal on the screen, and joining in with the Mr. Linky will hold you accountable to your greatest DIY desires and finally make you complete that project that's been on the back burner for weeks (months . . . years . . .).
I love it. Just my kind of thing. If my kids' gentle reminders about the project weren't enough (and they aren't), then maybe the peer pressure of actually having Before and After pictures ready to present on July 25th is. I have high hopes.
Earlier this year (much earlier), I wrote about the fabulous quilts my mom made for the boys. We've had them since December. It was at that time we decided to change up the decor of their bedroom, which until this point had been a fun, cowboy motif.
I hunted down and found old-fashioned baseball wallpaper borders to go with the quilts. I've ordered a baseball silhouette wall hanging, framed the lyrics of Kenny Rogers - The Greatest.
I sold the cowboy decor in my last eBay spree.
Then, I looked like two times in the Home Depot mis-tinted paint section for something appropriate to paint the walls. Didn't find anything. Too cheap to buy full-priced paint. Haven't had a good reason to go to the Home Depot lately. Wallpaper border rolls collect dust in the corner. Fabulous quilts look out of place in 1/2 cowboy room.
Somehow the blog lives on.
But, now, thanks to BooMama, this will all change by the 25th of July. The boys' room will be:
  1. Thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Dresser changed out.
  3. Old wall paper removed.
  4. Painted.
  5. New wallpaper put up.
  6. New decorations put up.
  7. Beds made to show off beautiful quilts.

I'm well aware that the moment I take the After picture will be the only nano-second that the room looks that good, but it will still be fabulous.

Thanks for the idea, BooMama! Anyone else have home projects going on?? Join in, if you dare!

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