Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weren't you just a baby like 2 months ago?

Colton is 5 today.

So grown up. Such a big boy. And it's killing me.

This morning, I was going to take the boys to school instead of meet Tina, so I was letting them sleep in a bit, but Colton ended up waking up on his own at about the same time as usual. He walks out to the landing of the stairs, which looks down on the living room where I was sitting, and says, in the cutest little voice, "I was just laying up there waiting for my breakfast in bed."

Yes, I felt approximately 3 inches tall. After the grand display the boys did for me on Mother's Day.

I told him that I was taking him to school that day, and had planned a trip for us to have coffee together before school. He loves having coffee. I take each boy out on his own once a month to give them some "mommy time" by themselves. Chance usually chooses Shari's for breakfast - Colton usually chooses Starbucks. We order coffee and scones, and sit in the big fluffly chairs by the window, guessing what color the next car through the busy drive-through will be.

Today, this is not enough.

"So, that's it? That's my party?"

No, buddy - that's not your party. It's just something special I thought we could do this morning. You actually have many celebrations ahead of you - cookies at school today, birthday cake and presents tonight, dinner after baseball with Grandmother tomorrow, and your extra-special horse riding party next week.

Now there are tears.

"I have to wait until next week to have my birthday?"

No - just the horse riding part. Everything else is today or tomorrow!

"So, I get some presents tonight?"

"Cause, I didn't see any presents laying around yet."

(Thank you, that I only procrastinated this long and we wrapped presents last night).

Your presents are in the dining room, just waiting for us to celebrate tonight.

"Yippeeeeee! We're gonna have a party, we're gonna have a party!!"

"Okay mama, I guess we can go to coffee now."

And so we did.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a darling picture of you both. Oh man, birthday expectations are so hard to meet sometimes.