Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life is just more organized with a list

Okay, so I've gotten a bit of flack from lurkers, family members, readers, and other bloggers who have no idea what's going on in our lives if I'm not typing. I guess this is my official apology.

Lately, things have been so crazy, I've got about 7 lists going to keep me from losing my head (or at least from losing the baseball snack list). What better way to update the masses than with a bloggy list of my own?

A picture version of the list will debut some time tomorrow, when I get my computer running again. For now, here it is, in the full text version.

  • We attended an Arts & Crafts show at WSU, where we had a fabulous weekend of selling, topped only by a wholesale order taking the lion's share of what was left in the trailer. A huge blessing, indeed, but one that set Matt up for more late nights in the shop than either of us anticipated. Thanks for all your hard work, honey!
  • My brother went and got himself smacked in the chin with a pressurized cam-lock - ended up at Harborview Medical Center getting an as-yet-undetermined amount of stitches to go with the steel plates and screws holding now his jaw together. The day-trip to Seattle actually turned out to be an enjoyable time of visiting and catching up with some of our good friends who met us in Cle Elum along they way - a silver lining in that cloud, for sure. My brother is doing well, recovering, and probably already tired of milkshakes. Standby, I'm betting by week 8, he'll have figured out how to make pizza in to a milkshake!
  • The boys started baseball games, and had opening day and a parade the last weekend of April. Obviously, this one will be more enjoyable on the picture post. With both playing, we are getting to be experts at ball field dinners, dividing our time between two games (or just sitting smack in the middle of two fields), and at the same time trying to take a somewhat equal amount of pictures of each child. This is actually easier than it seems, because Chance is advanced enough in his skills that it's fun to take pictures of him pitching, at first base, and batting. Colton is just plain cute in his uniform, and when he puts the catcher gear on, my shutter on the camera just doesn't get much of a break.
  • I ordered some antique ceiling tiles on eBay, and Matt replaced my kitchen cupboard inserts. Another one obviously better shown in the picture, but you're gonna love it (I do)!
  • That next week, between the two boys, we had baseball games each night. Yikes!! How much pizza and sandwiches can one family have?? To make it a bit more complicated, it was month-end at work, and we had an art show that weekend. My friend Jackie saved my bacon and fed the boys and got them to the field two of the nights. We have been switching back and forth with dinner and pick-up, so that we both don't have to make the whole loop after work, and it also gives each of us at least one night that we can breath for a 1/2 hour or so before we have to be at the ball field. Thanks, Jackie!!
  • We attended the Apple Blossom festival, and had a good weekend. My parents live close to this show, so we can crash there in the evenings and still see the boys. We had our now annual Red Robin dinner after we packed up on Sunday - yum, yum, yum!!
  • 3 cases of measles are reported at Chance's school. It's been a week of verifying immunization records, limiting access to those not vaccinated, and proving vaccination for adults who want to chaperon their son's field trip this coming Friday - yes, that would be me - and my vaccinations were forever ago, and apparently a bit hard to get a hold of. One nurse said, "If your mom kept that little vaccination card that you bring back to the doctor each visit, then that is an official copy, and should suffice for any records requests." Yeah, I don't even know where my 4-year-old's card is, let along this 34-year-old's!!
  • I broke my computer. This is only my excuse for the last two days of not blogging, but it will be my excuse for the next 4 weeks of not getting my work done. It will sound something like this "You know, my computer was down, and I just haven't gotten everything back to normal yet." It works well, and for a long time, doesn't it Darla????
  • We are in the middle of busy week number 18 for the year - tonight will be our 3rd baseball game of the week. Tomorrow is free, but Friday starts another busy weekend - here we go . . .

And, as if the above wasn't keeping me busy enough, there is also the mundane side of the last few weeks:

  • We have done approximately 34 loads of laundry.
  • and 10 loads of dishes.
  • and packed 6 baseball dinners to feed 2 adults and 4 children
  • and enjoyed 6 baseball meals that consisted of nothing more than Starbucks and sunflower seeds because Jackie fed my kids
  • and packed 15 lunches and 30 snacks for boys for school
  • and provided baseball snacks one evening for 15 hungry and excited 5&6 year olds
  • and folded approximately 28 of the 34 loads of laundry (no, miraculously, the rest are not still on the floor in my bedroom [although I'm not saying that's not impossible], they just got stuffed into a bat bag so fast, there was no use in folding them)
  • and poured about 40 bowls of cereal
  • and made about 20 pots of coffee
  • and cut 15 - 4 x 10 sheets of steel (okay, no we about this one - Matt did that)
  • and put about 1500 miles on our car
  • and tried to remember to love every minute of it - because I know it will be gone before we know it - but that's another post all it's own . . .


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I LOVE your list...welcome back! When you add everything up...oh my. I enjoyed seeing the totals.

Anonymous said...

You are Superwoman! Thanks.