Monday, May 12, 2008

The first of many battles better off not fought at all

Chance has been wanting to dye his hair for a long time. He wanted to bleach it, or at least chunks of it, or maybe just the tips of it. I've put it off for as long as I can - not too excited about starting this season of his young, 3rd grade life. But, I also recognize that there are so many more battles to come, and more important ones at that. This was one we wouldn't fight over - just put off as long as possible.

At his last haircut, he asked the guy how much it cost to bleach your hair, and the $35 price tag was enough to buy us a few more weeks. One of his friends made an attempt at bleaching his, and ended up with red hair - this bought us a few more weeks.

Then, as I was picking out hairspray in the Wal-Mart hair care aisle, he saw some home dye kits. He was pretty concerned that they all pictured girls, and was not convinced when I told him that the kits were not discriminatory - they would work on both male and female hair. We got a kit on sale for $6, and decided Sunday was the day.

He whined the whole time (insert 2 hours) I was pulling his sensitive little locks through the highlighting cap. Could have been that I'm not very experienced with the whole knitting hook thingie that you have to use.

About halfway through the cap process, Matt came in the house. He mouths to me "should I take a picture?" Yes - definitely yes! This is sooo blogable.

Chance is onto me. He has seen the blog on occasion, but I had no idea how intuitive the little bugger was - he hid the camera before we got started!!! And wasn't revealing it's location on any terms!! It was hilarious! Thankfully, Matt has a camera in his car for work, so we were able to record this historic event :)

I think it turned out pretty good. By the time we left for school today, he was a little hesitant, and wanted to wear his coat with the hood on it in case he needed to cover up his hair. Thinking back to my haircuts, perms, and highlights, I can totally relate. No matter how good you think it looks when it's done, there's always a bit of trepidation at allowing other people to see it and have an opinion.

Here's the final results. Pretty dang cute kid, huh?

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Perfect title post, Heather! I think it's funny he hid the camera, too.