Monday, April 21, 2008

What the . . .????

So, Matt's title for this post was - Hey, Al Gore, don't know what globe you're living on, but I don't think the one I'm on is warming too much.

Mine was - Hello, it's APRIL, what the heck are You thinking????

I went ahead with a shortened version of mine.

We had a snowball fight yesterday after church. On April 20th.

Here's Matt with the proof - what an afternoon!


Anonymous said...

The exact quote was "Al Gore is a Pinhead!", but I understand you don't want to offend anyone.

tina said...

I believe I share the same thoughts about global warming! I'd like spring to come sooner sometimes. I am glad we now live in a place where we really get missed by the snow. We got a couple of rain drops over the weekend and enough rain drops last night to get everything wet. But NO SNOW. Snow in April is quite crazy! A friend of mine lives near Tumwater and they had several inches to play in.