Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gus, are you there? What time is it? Is there a duck with you?

Last night, on our way home from town, the conversation was pretty interesting - at least for a 4-year-old!

Colton - Mama, what time is it?

Me - About 7:00.

Colton - Is the sun still out?

Me - Yep.

Colton - Well, when's it going to be gus, or duck, or whatever you call it?

Me - (you'll think I'm so smart and perceptive) Do you mean dusk?

Colton - Yeah, that's it! You know, the time when the sun is gone, but the stars haven't showed up yet, and it's not actually dark. That's what I meant.

Me - You've still got about a half-hour, buddy.

Colton - Oh, man! Can you remind me when it is - I want to look at it tonight.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Colton wonders about the funniest things. You are so good at capturing their conversations. I love the title for this post, too. Perfect!

tina said...

kids are so stinkin' funny sometimes. i love how you can remember the conversations. it's fabulous. i always want to remember the funny stuff, but don't always!