Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Mail - What a GOOD thing!

Okay, so I got some good mail last week - I think last week - I haven't blogged in so long, days and weeks have run together. Let's just call it last week, okay??

But, there is some background that goes with this.

My Good Mail came from my good friend, Annette. She is an extra-sweet gal, that works for the same company I do, just different office. I have enjoyed getting to know her over the past few years. One thing I have come to know well about Annette is her all-consuming preparedness, combined with her propensity to, well, let's call it brag about such preparedness.

Round about October, Darla and I will start getting e-mails about her Christmas present plans. By early November, we've received several taunting e-mails that she's got our gift done, it's the coolest (and probably really is), and that she can't wait to taunt us with it for the next 8 weeks or so!

A few months ago, Annette was apparently reading some blogs (we've got her hooked), and called to ask me about this Good Mail phenomenon. Having never received any intentional Good Mail, my best guess was that it was just anything in your mailbox besides bills and normal correspondence - could be an encouraging card, could be a small gift, etc.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. I receive a package in the mail from a fun scrapbook catalog. My first e-mail was to Annette - I got your Secretary's Day present, and boooooyyyyy are you going to like it!! Let me tell ya - Annette likes being on the other side of these types of conversations, for sure. She wasn't too keen on being the recipient of the bragger e-mail :-) Now, before anyone reads too much into this - Annette is so much more than a Secretary - and to add to that, she is not my Secretary, or anything of the like. At our company, we milk this thing, now politically correctly called Administrative Professionals Day, alllllll week! To my count, we have 3 lunches scheduled this week, and because I stumbled upon something cool, thought I'd add to Darla and Annette's loot they will haul away from this thing. My gift will in no way compare to other things given, but it's the thought that counts, right? Or, at least from my vantage point, it's the taunting time that counts!!

Anyway, about 3 days after my e-mail, in comes the FedEx guy. He's all smiles with packages for both Darla and I. Asks if we want to check the contents, because they sure are rattling! Our curiosity is aroused, and we check the return address. We let the FedEx man go, unharmed, already suspecting the joy that might await us inside that package. We were not disappointed.

Behold . . .

Now, believe me, my first thought was that she was trying to one-up my taunting e-mail. After seeing that these little packages took much more time than 3 days to order and prepare, she is off the hook for that :-)
Thank you so much, Annette - for my first Good Mail package. I am already ready to pass on the love, and I'm thankful that you started something fun for us! You're the chick!


Anita said...

Wowee, I have NEVER gotten good mail like that - only if I'm expecting it - not just showing up out of the blue! COOL for you guys!!!

I'm spending all next week at my house in Quincy (yes, I know, Tracy lives there and thinks it's her house but Jim is replacing the roof so now it's back to being my house!!!) -- anyway -- I plan on using all of Tracy's stamps and paper and all the cool embellishments she has tucked away!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a loot!