Thursday, March 6, 2008

One dollar, two quarters, and two dimes

The boys are having a skate-a-thon this weekend to earn money for their hockey association. Here is Colton's call to Aunt Alice last night - *some of Alice's comments are what I assume she is saying or asking, as I could only hear one side of the conversation . . .

Colton - Okay, we're having a skate-a-thon for my hockey team. Do you want to challenge me or whatever?

Mom (in background) - Sponsor, Colton - not challenge.

Colton - Oh yeah, I mean sponsor me, or whatever she said.

Alice - What is the skate-a-thon for? *

Colton - I TOLD YOU!

Dad (in background) - Be respectful, Colton! You're asking a favor!

Colton - It's to buy hockey equipment. We have to see how many laps we can skate.

Alice - How many laps do you think you'll skate?

Colton - 7 or 8

Alice - ?

Colton - You could give me one dollar, two quarters, and two dimes. If you even know what dimes are - they are the smallest ones.

Alice - How about $10.

Colton - Okay. You can do it for every lap, or just the total. I'm going for the total.

Thanks, Aunt Alice! As you can see, we're going for the total. The total what, I'm not sure yet, but we are determined ;-)

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