Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Wow - you know how when you do stuff with your kids, especially really special stuff, it's always in the back of your mind that you may be setting a precedent? Creating a tradition, even? And, you have to wonder if you an keep up with what you've started.

Well, in many posts prior, I have celebrated birthdays and special days in true bloggy tradition - I blog about that person the number of things which corresponds to that day - you know, like 8 things I love about Chance, 4 extra-special things about Colton, even 26 things about my brother. It is my mom's birthday today. She is 64. Let me tell you, I'm having some trouble.

I can't keep the list to a mere 64 things ;-) But, it's worth a shot!!

64 Reasons you are the greatest mom in the world:

  1. I never question that you love me.

  2. Unconditionally.

  3. You used to walk to school with me when you had to be to work at 8:00.

  4. You let me come to your office after school.

  5. We went school shopping in Seattle or Spokane every year.

  6. Which resulted in the cutest, pleated, rust-colored skirt for my first day of kindergarten!

  7. I'm only now beginning to realize what a strain those trips must have been on an already tight budget.

  8. You taught me to appreciate nice clothes, and we both know there are some things Liz Claiborne and Tommy Hilfiger make just for us!!

  9. We always bought sea foam at that little chocolate shop that was just outside The Bon in the Spokane sky walks.

  10. We rarely made it home with any candy by the end of the day!!

  11. You taught me how to cook.

  12. You endured more hamburger gravy and creamed tuna than anyone should have to!

  13. You make the best pies in the entire universe.

  14. You could bake your way into any hall of fame.

  15. You always make something special for Matt when we come - I kid you a lot about it, but I love how you make each person feel special.

  16. The boys love coming to your house.

  17. You are in tune with what makes them tick, and I see things at your house you know each of them will like - trains and trucks for Colton, erector sets and airplane making kits for Chance.

  18. They know, whether we are camping, visiting, or out and about - they can come to you for a special treat.

  19. You like to camp with us and spend time with our family.

  20. You share all your fun camping toys.

  21. You have a beautiful smile :-)

  22. Your laugh is genuine, and it's contagious. I love to hear it.

  23. You have a sense of humor - you are always teasing, and you don't mind being teased.

  24. I'm pretty sure I could count on one hand the amount of basketball games you missed from 6th grade - college. (And, I wouldn't have driven to Blue Mountain, either!)

  25. The amount of money you have invested in sporting events - driving, admission, food, hotels - I still cannot even fathom.

  26. I haven't even skiffed the tip of the iceberg, watching the boys' events, and the burden that must have put on our family was huge - I NEVER felt that burden. I would have thought the money for those events grew on trees.

  27. You got all misty-eyed at every Star Spangled Banner. Every time.

  28. You passed that on to me - and I used to make such fun of you for it!

  29. I count it a blessing that, by high school, my friends would have to say "Heather, this is one thing you CAN'T tell your mom." Because I felt like I could talk to you about anything.

  30. Still do.

  31. You coined two of the phrases that still guide my everyday behavior:

  32. "God will getcha!" - reminding me that God always saw what I was doing, even if I thought no one else was looking.

  33. "God will get 'em!" - reminding me that revenge was not mine. Not to waste time on people or situations I could not control - let God handle it.

  34. You and dad have given us kids an example of an enduring marriage.

  35. Not a perfect marriage, and that's okay - but an enduring marriage. It is a blessing.

  36. By your words and example, you have taught me how to "roll with the punches."

  37. I know your retirement has not come even close to what you had planned, but you have allowed God to use your circumstances to strengthen your faith and shine a light to others.

  38. You have taught me that women can be strong, independent, self-sufficient people.

  39. And you have shown me that there will be days when you can't be any of those things, and that is okay.

  40. You somehow balance equality with specialty - I don't think there's a kid or grand kid that can honestly say they are loved more or less - by the same token, each one of us feels so special in your eyes. That's one of your best gifts.

  41. You stuck your neck out and ran for public office - not with grand political schemes in mind - but simply because you knew of those running, you could do the best job.

  42. From your shaky voice in that first speech, to your confident goodbye in your retirement, you have been an inspiration to all of us.

  43. Besides that, I got to skip volleyball practice to go door belling, and who wouldn't want to trade that?

  44. You love my dad.

  45. You make the neatest quilts - even when I think the colors are crazy, they come out looking beautiful!

  46. You didn't care that I would rather play with Tonka trucks in the dirt yard than 100 barbies.

  47. Probably because I was just like you!

  48. You were the best camping mom in the world - at the very least, the best mom in any group that we went with! I remember great meals, shrinky dinks, coloring, reading for hours, and candy bars.

  49. When I decided I was cool enough to drink and smoke in the 8th grade, you stopped me in my tracks. THANK YOU!

  50. In college, when I was brave enough to try the drinking part again, you made me runny eggs the next morning, and made me help stain the outside of the house the whole next day. I still can't smell stain without my stomach lurching. THANK YOU!

  51. You taught me to do my best - if I was going to do it, I'd better put forth the effort to do my best at it.

  52. You taught me about being "Mires tough."

  53. I still can't wear socks to bed without thinking about "Mireses don't wear bedsocks - toughen up!"

  54. You never give up.

  55. You are the best hostess - people feel comfortable coming to your house.

  56. You have opened you house up to so many different functions, whether your family, dad's family, or friends - it seems your door is always open.

  57. You still ride a bike.

  58. I can always call you when I'm in the middle of a recipe.

  59. For that matter, I can always call you when I'm in the middle of anything.

  60. We don't agree on everything, but it doesn't make us resentful of each other.

  61. You were the kindest person to take in Aunt LaVerne. I know there are many days you would have done it differently, but you really put yourself in the back seat to do what was best for someone else.

  62. And you became the most beautiful gardener!

  63. You will talk tadpoles and fairy cakes with your grand kids all day long, and share with them your love of gardening.

  64. You love God - and you taught Me to love Him, too.

65. PS - Darla says your the best simply because you had me, but that's only because I saved her butt today! Tomorrow, she'll probably sing a different tune ;-)

Happy Birthday, mom! I hope you have a fantastic day - you deserve it!

I love you!

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Kathleen Marie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mother! God Bless you both!