Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gross? I guess if you put it that way . . .

I inherited a naming convention from my family. There are nicknames and pet names for seemingly everything. And, no one's name is complete without a "y" or "ie" on the end.

So, Chance becomes Chancey.

Judd becomes Juddy.

Colton becomes Colty.

You get the picture. Heather didn't really fit much with that naming convention, so I became Murphy, Jonesy, Froggy (at mom's office), or any number of pet names like Puddin' Head, Sweet Pea, etc.

So, carrying on tradition, most of the time my boys are "Honey" (Matt), "Chancey", and "Colty", but many times I revert to the pet name, and usually fall back on Sweet Pea. I've been saying this for years.

The other night, after I tucked the boys into bed, I said to each - "Good night Sweet Pea - get some good sleep!"

Chance says - "Mom, do you really think that's appropriate?"

Me - "What?"

Chance - "What you just called us. It's gross."

Me - "What's gross about it?" (admittedly/embarrassingly still not getting it)

Chance - (as Colton giggles in the background) - "There is NOTHING sweet about PEE! And how would you know that, anyway?"

Me - "I meant the flower, you silly!"

Chance - "Well, that's not what it makes me think of. You should think of something else to call us."

Any ideas??


Overwhelmed! said...

Oh this cracks me up! I call my son "sweat pea" sometimes and I would've never though of it in that context.

I call our son "honey" ALL THE TIME and now he imitates me. For example he'll ask, "Are you okay, honey?" when he thinks I'm hurt or sad. Or he'll say, "I not hungry right now, honey." I cracks my husband and I up everytime he refers to us as "honey". :)

I'm not sure I can help you with suggestions of alternative nicknames. How about "pumpkin" or "cuddle bug" or "love bug" or something like that?

tina said...

i am the sweet pea at our house, but i am sure my boys would think of the other as well. i usually try to stick to "buddy", "bud", "son" and I do throw "baby" in there still, which i am sure will be requested to stop soon!