Friday, February 29, 2008

The Silence Speaks For Itself

I have been silent for a few days, because I have sneaked away to a beach retreat with some friends for a weekend of beach-walking, photo taking, scrapbooking fun.

Rewind a couple of years - Darla, Annette, and I were at a company meeting in Seaside, OR. One of the days, Darla and Annette decided to take little drive up the coast a ways, and found the neatest little scrapbook store in Warrenton. Neat enough that they brought me back the next day, and I definitely concurred. Of course, we got on the e-mail list, to find out of any upcoming specials, in case there was anything worth making the 6 hour drive. It wasn't long until the e-mails were touting their new scrapbook retreat house - blocks from the beach, blocks from the store, sleeps/scraps 12, and endless fun promised.

Darla and I started dreaming right then. Oh, the possibilities.

It took two years, but the dream has become a reality. We only brought 7, not 12, but the scrap tables are full, the snack bar is overflowing, our tummies are uncomfortably stuffed, and the pages - they are a pumpin' out. This was a good test to see if it was a facility up to its claims or not. Although I think there are a few iffy claims, this place has been a most fabulous vacation. For next time, here's what I'm thinking . . .

I think 7-8 people is the max. There are beds for 12 and tables for 12 (4' tables), but only with lots of sharing - of bathrooms (2), of a regular sized kitchen, of 2-4 beds in each bedroom, of parking spaces, etc. You all need to like each other a really lot. Thankfully, that has been the case this weekend.

I don't know whether my mind made the beach claim out to something it shouldn't have been, or not, but it was a bit disappointing. "Close to the beach" to me means go out the front or back door, walk a maximum of 2-5 blocks, and there's sand in your shoes. To them, it means walk out the back door, get in your car, drive 4.5 miles, and you're there. Regardless, it's about 295 miles closer than I am out my own back door, so I'll cease my complaining.

Same goes for "Blocks to the store." Not walking blocks. This is probably a good thing - temptation does not need to be within walking distance - I have enough of it on the snack counter.

Things I am pleasantly surprised about - hairdryer provided, tons of kitchen staples in case you forgot (flour, sugar, paper plates, etc), a fully-stocked kitchen equipment wise, a hot tub, great cell phone coverage, power strips and lamps for every two work stations, available (albeit black market) wireless connection, and tons of scrapbook magazines in the reading area.

Oh yeah, and this afternoon, in the pouring, driving rain, Deb and I spent some time here with our cameras . . .

If you are like me, and had never heard of the Peter Iredale Shipwreck before today, it is worth checking out - and really cool to see in person, too.

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