Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Weekend In Pictures

Arrive Tri-Cities. 1st game of hockey tourney. We are not-so-subtly awakened by what it's like to play in a real game. We lose 24-0.
Our spirits are dampened, but not squelched. It does not stop us from seeking out good food at the friendly, neighborhood bar & grill, Applebee's.

We park the camper at our home for the weekend - the Wal-Mart parking lot. I was not about to pay $30 per night to park at the tournament facility. At 2 a.m., when the battery decided to poop out, and Matt had to scurry around in the freezing temperatures, I think he may have been wishing we were hooked up to something. But, Wal-Mart is r.v. friendly - they love to have you there! Find a level parking spot, and welcome home! They figure they'll make it up by you going in and shopping at their store. It worked - we had to go in twice . . .

Day two of the tourney. We've got our game faces on now!

Lots of planning and strategizing. We lose the next two games, 18-0, and 14-2 respectively. But, we scored a couple goals, learned a lot, and the kids still had a great time. The ref didn't show for the 3rd game, so we just played a scrimmage - so, in the books, it was officially a TIE!! We are on the rise!

Again, our disappointment with the tournament does not stop us from seeking out good food. Crab linguini and coconut shrimp, you are my friend!

Colton, although tiny compared to the 7-8 year olds we played with, held his own. He did so well, popping right back up every time he fell down.

Chance learned so much this weekend. No longer dominating the ice of the Moses Lake rink, he had to play a lot of defense, and only got one shot on goal the whole weekend. He learned about skating hard during his shift, and resting on the bench - no gliding!

I was so proud of them both. What a test of character, to lose so terribly, yet still bring a good attitude to each match. It was fun to see.

Again, seeking out good food. I wonder why I was a pound up on my Monday weigh-in??

We watched the Tri-City Americans play Sunday afternoon. It was so fun to watch the "pro's" play, and apply all the lessons we'd learned throughout the weekend.

Afterward, they had an hour to "Skate with the Players"

Here's Colton skating around the rink with the player he snagged.

And Chance skating with his . . .

And, here's Colton with the Tri-Cities' current star - Colton Yellowhorn. He was skeptical about skating with him - first he thought they were going to be playing hockey and that Colton would "rough him up." Then, he worred about whether he was really "yellow" or had a "horn." It was hilarious! In the end, I think he became his new hero.

Tune in tomorrow for "Our weekend in phrases" and be amazed and amused by the quips and quotes that kept us going throughout the weekend.

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What a fun weekend!