Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did you see the 'clipse?

We had a fun evening, watching the progression of the lunar eclipse. It began at about 5:45 our time, so we began watching on our way home, as it started shadowing the lower left quadrant of the moon.

We used the interior lights in the car, and Colton's Easter Egg art project from school to mimic the eclipse. Chance played the sun, the egg played the earth, and the light played the part of the moon - grammy nominations all around, everyone did a fantastic job getting into their parts! At one point, Colton got a worried tone to his voice - "Does a 'clipse mean the moon will go away forever?" So, I showed him the egg's progression again, and how we would see the full moon on the other side of the eclipse. That it wouldn't hide the moon forever - really, just for about 4 hours.

Chance remembered a few years ago, we had another lunar eclipse, and I pulled him out of Kids' Club to look at it. He started crying, becuase he thought the moon was going to go away forever. So, apparently this is a common kid fear - either that or I've mentally scarred both of them in some way.

Matt took a bunch of cool pictures, and we watched the progression from our deck several times through the evening. When the boys went to bed, they got one last good look out their window before they closed their tired eyes.

Colton's first question this morning - "Mom, did you look at the 'clipse after we went to sleep last night? Good. Did the moon make it out okay???"

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Wasn't it beautiful? It was fun. What a great teaching moment--scars and all :)