Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Year in Review

Matt changed positions
Went to Washington DC for Matt's Award
Mom had a terrible car wreck and broke her back
Chance started hockey
Matt turned 35
Verna moved
We got to see the NCAA playoffs in Spokane
Went camping at Steamboat
Metal show - Tree sale in Waterville
Matt got to go to training in Vegas
Metal show - Pullman Mom's Weekend
Baseball begins for Chance
Matt & Chance go on boys' fishing outing with his family
Camping at Lincoln Rock
Judd's free
Metal show - Apple Blossom
Heather turns 33
Metal show - Garden Expo in Spokane
Colton turns 4
Boys ride fire truck to school
Camping at Sun Lakes
Tori graduates
Metal show - Edmonds Art Festival
Vacation Bible School
Women of Faith
Camping at Camano Island
Chance baseball camp
Metal Show - Richland Allied Arts
Matt assigned to ERAD for 5 weeks
Hull Family BBQ
Chance turns 8
Big camping trip to Farragut/Silverwood
Huckleberry Picking
Chance starts 3rd grade
Colton starts pre-school
Paint Barns
Mennonite Auction
Casting Crowns concert with Erinne
Mt. Hood train trip
Metal show - Pullman
School Auction
Camping at Cabin
Harvest Party
Matt gets very sick
We miss Apple Day
Scrapbook Retreat
Antiquities Pictures
Hockey begins for Chance & Colton
Metal Show - MLCA Holiday Show
Trish's Shower
Thanksgiving at The Ark
Ag Christmas Parade
Africa Children's Choir
Matt & Heather turn 11
Trish has Addy Mae
A wonderful Christmas
New Year's Eve trip to Tri-Cities


Anonymous said...

We should quit sitting around! Maybe this year we could write a book and bike across Europe too.

Darla said...

You guys don't have enough to do...*lol*... It's funny to see all the things when you list them & to think of all you missed :)