Thursday, January 10, 2008

What A Gift!

A few months ago, I posted about Matt taking his wubby to the hospital with him. It's a quilt that my mom made for him that is everyone's favorite for cuddling on the couch because it's so soft on the back. For awhile after he first got it, we had to make the boys take turns each night for who would get to use the blanket.

During one of Chance's turns, he commented that he was the "only one in the whole family that Grandma D hadn't made a quilt for." I was not very sympathetic to him, as I was still a little cranky that Matt got the first quilt, and I still hadn't gotten one yet. I pointed this out, and Chance says - Grandma made you that blanket you have on right now!

He was correct - I was cuddling under the comforter mom had made me when I was in grade school. Though there were a couple times in Jr. High and High School that I thought I was too cool for the pink flowery blanket and it was stored in the closet, I soon wised up. This comforter was always on my college dorm room bed, on my first apartment bed, and all subsequent ones until I got married. I think it was my way to keep "home" with me all the time. Now, it's my official "cuddle blanket" in the living room, and lives by my chair. I still love it.

As soon as mom got word of Chance's tragedy, she quickly went to work planning - asking Chance what kind of quilt he wanted, what colors, etc. He wanted one with a baseball theme, in the shape of a diamond (real practical for a rectangular bed, huh?), and he wanted it to have the soft stuff on the back like his dad's.

As we got deeper into the planning, mom and I realized a couple things - if Chance decided to use this quilt on his bed, the bedroom decor of cowboys and bull riders would have to change - and, there was no way she was making just one quilt - if she made for Chance, she would make for Colton too--so that he would feel special (Grandma's story), and so that he would match the new decor of the shared bedroom (mom's OCD story).

I printed and transferred pictures of each boy onto fabric and sent them to mom - she incorporated them into the top of each quilt - so the boys would always know which end should be the head and which end should be the feet - don't tell her that the pics are only at the top of the bed about 1/4 of the time! That's okay - it was the neatest addition and made the quilts even more special.

The boys now drag the quilts down the stairs to cuddle on the couch, or sleep on the couch on weekend nights. They absolutely love them.

Thanks, mom, for giving the boys such a fabulous gift - the gift of your time, the gift of your love, and the gift of a small piece of home that they can take with them when they leave - they are truly priceless!

Chance's quilt - notice the requested diamond pattern. I love the old-fashioned baseball player fabric that she found, and Chance is huge fan of the American flags. Too cool!

This is Colt's. More of a flag theme, and less baseball - we're not sure he's going to have quite the love for baseball that Chance has, so we wanted his quilt to be a little more versatile. His pics are of him in a variety of places, where Chance's were all of him playing baseball. Didn't they turn out great!
Way to go, mom!!!

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh gee. No WONDER you're such a creative whiz. I had no idea it was genetic. Those are i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e--really, really something. With your mom on one side and Verna on the other you are sandwiched in amazing talent.