Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Birthday Delay . . .

. . . is brought to you by a week of meetings, a Snoqualmie Pass closure, and a lazy evening at home last night, enjoying birthday cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Yesterday was Matt's 36th Birthday! Happy Birthday, honey!!

Because last year I was completely an overachiever, and posted 100 things I love about my husband on Valentine's day, I used up all my good lovey-doveys. So, this year, I'll stick more with bloggy tradition, but change up the content a little.

I give you, 36 things I cherish about the past year with my best friend . . .
  1. A fun "vacation" to Washington DC.
  2. Your deep appreciation for the history of our country.
  3. How proud I felt watching you accept that award.
  4. Your determination to excel in your new position, and your willingness to add more than quippy t-shirts to your wardrobe.
  5. You sat with your back to criminals during our visits to work-release. Heck, you won't even sit with your back to the door of a restaurant - I know this was a huge stretch for you!
  6. The respect your co-workers showed you at your going away dinner.
  7. Your willingness to take a leadership role in baseball.
  8. The lessons you are teaching both boys through this sport.
  9. That you are willing to play with them, every night if they ask - when you feel too busy, when your shoulder is killing you, and when your list of other things to do far outweighs spending 30 minutes in the front yard.
  10. You readily put off your birthday trip when my mom was in the hospital, even though we had planned it for months.
  11. You, although voicing your hesitation the whole time, jumped in and helped us take 11 kids on a huge hike to the top of Steamboat Rock.
  12. That you would hurry back from training, and drive into the dead of the night to save me from a self-induced hotel fiasco in a podunk town in Idaho.
  13. You make an effort to keep a relationship with your dad and his family.
  14. You juggled dates and took Chance fishing, even when it didn't look like it could work out, because tradition is important to you. Not to mention the Bear Grylls spot - your willingness to go out a limb and be silly with your boys is so cool.
  15. You are passing traditions onto our boys, year by year.
  16. You made an effort to be at each baseball practice and game, especially when your new position didn't have quite the flexibility of the old.
  17. You let the boys build all numbers of projects in the shop, without limiting their imaginations, or micro-managing their use of screws, nails, or tools.
  18. You included them in your bee hive projects whenever they were willing.
  19. You teamed up with Dave to stop some loud & crazy gentleman from ruining Jenn's graduation party.
  20. You pulled the Big Mamma tube more miles than I can count, so that our boys, their friends, and cousins all got to ride as much as they wanted.
  21. You gave up yet another Father's Day weekend to do a metal show that allows us to give the kids a Christian education.
  22. A fun, fun weekend of both family and Women of Faith in Seattle this summer.
  23. The camper was ready to go on all the trips we took through the summer.
  24. You always dumped the camper, aside from only one trip.
  25. You called the boys and I each night when you were gone to trainings.
  26. You made every attempt to do special things on weekends with the boys to ease the pain of the long ERAD weeks.
  27. You pick lots of huckleberries, and you participate in extreme sporting events!
  28. The rapid decline of the "redneck" factor around the house.
  29. Newly painted barns and outbuildings.
  30. That you encourage my scrap days and retreat.
  31. Our date nights.
  32. Your involvement at school.
  33. Your perfection of the smoked pork loin.
  34. You still need me when you're sick, and you forgive me for calling you a wuss.
  35. You froze at the Christmas parade right beside me, to watch the boys go by on the float.
  36. You have told me that you love me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. of this year.

I love you, honey! You are the best of everything that God could have given me. I am blessed beyond measure. Happy 36th Birthday!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Happy Birthday Matt! What a list! But Heather, how in the world could you have left off that he keeps your flat spots clean?

Anonymous said...

Yea, what about, the flat spots? I don't, get credit, for anything around, here,!

Thank you, I guess I'm not invisible either.

Darla said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!! You want me to get some of those Mexican Candies that you like so much... You only turn 36 once you know & I'm sure it won't show on the scales on Monday :)

No really, Happy Birthday!!!!!
Hope you guys have a blast this weekend...

tina said...

What a fabulous list and a seemingly fantabulous husband! Lucky girl!