Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snoogies, SnowCream, and other Winter Follies

It has been such a fun weekend around here! We've gotten oodles and oodles of snow, and it looks like it's gonna stick for awhile! Around here, we might get an inch or two, but it seems to either blow away or melt away within about 24 hours. We've had some snow/ice stuff that's stuck around for about two weeks, and now just got about another 6-8" on top of it.

Because of the snow, we were involved in some fun activities around the house that we don't normally get to participate in - this prompted us to creatively come up with a few terms that are a unique description to things or events in our "new" surroundings.

Matt got out on the 4-wheeler and plowed and plowed and plowed - our road, the mailboxes, the neighbor's driveway, the other neighbor's driveway. We had some happy neighbors! Then, he got a wild hair, and decided to make a biiiiiiig pile of snow in our yard. Colt was just laying down for his nap when daddy came to the rescue, and everyone donned their snow clothes and went outside.

We jumped, we slid, we steam-rolled, we fell, we pushed, and we conquered. We played King of the Mountain, and Jake chased a red Frisbee for miles. What a blast! Except for the snoogies - you gotta watch out for those things. When the snow mixes with your boogies, things can get downright nasty! Fun times, fun times ;-)

After an hour or two, the lack of nap was beginning to become very apparent, so we all headed in for some much-needed rest. The boys rested, Matt napped, and I searched the Internet for recipes (what I do best!).

We had hamburgers for dinner, and then I asked the boys to put their boots back on. Since neither had actually slept, they were pretty tired, and not very willing to change into snow clothes again without being convinced that they'd really love the outcome.

They came back inside with about 12 cups of clean snow, and we went to work making SnowCream. It was so good! I found an easy recipe that was just 10-12 cups of clean snow, 1 can sweetened-condensed milk, and 2 tsp. vanilla - yum, yum, yum! We all added a little bit of chocolate sauce, and savored our creation!

Why, yes, that is about the cheesiest grin possible - thank you very much!

Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful snow, for a day of family fun, for new recipes, and building memories - You are awesome.


Tracy said...

Heather! Looks like you guys had a blast! And snow cream sounds YUMMY!!! My dogs have ruined all my snow! :P

Darla said...

How fun!!! Snow cream.. you didn't pass that recipe on yet.. and Tracy thank goodness you aren't colorblind, that could be dangerous...

Have a good week... Will definately miss you at the office...Learn lots.. so you can teach me :) Do you get paid extra for teaching the dumb ones ??*lol*