Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More Flat Spots? You've Gotta Be Kidding Me!

So, the boys worked diligently this weekend - planning, working, cutting, planning some more, and assembling.

When all was said & done, I had a new pantry in the back stairwell by the kitchen. It is the original stairway in the house, and it is old, narrow, and steep - so we've had it blocked off with baby gates ever since we moved in with 2-year-old Chance. The only time the gates have been down is the time Chance convinced Grandma D (who was babysitting and helping with new baby Colton), that mom let him slide down those stairs on cardboard all the time!!!

It is sooooo nice! I'm so blessed to have a handy husband, and boys who are willing to help. We went to work right away, filling it up on Sunday afternoon. The top shelf has been deemed "The Island of Misfit Appliances", and the seldom used dehydrator (sorry, Jane), espresso maker, and deep fryer were banned from over stacked cupboards and counter tops.
Our main kitchen counter was almost immediately a haven of cleanliness--and, by the way, it's burgundy! I don't usually get a good enough view to notice that . . .
My baking supplies are now organized, food containers have a permanent home, the counter lost a couple of its "decorative" canisters, and the dog food is in a sealed container on a shelf made just for it.
Best of all, once the curtain is pulled, it's just another hallway - with all that's behind the curtain left completely to the curious visitor's imagination.
Heaven, I say - flat space heaven!!
Oh yeah - here I am at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Except we didn't have a ribbon - I knew that Crime Scene tape I saved from the last time those filthy cops busted down our door would come in handy for something . . .

PS - based on yesterday's post and Matt's quick calculations, he's pretty sure that since he provided me with 20 square feet of concealed flat space, I owe him 20 square feet of clean and pristine flat spaces elsewhere in the house. I'm so giddy with the shelves that I'm about to agree, but I'm just sure I'm getting the short end of the deal, somewhere. What do you think?
PPS - Tie-dye will make a comeback, and I'll be prepared when it does!!!


Darla said...

I love it!!! How nice is that....
Wouldn't take long to fill and think now you have all that available FLATT space again *lol*

Good Job Matt & boys!!!

Anonymous said...

No, No. No! Darla that will not happen with out some serious consequences and repercussions! I can spin a chop saw as well as I spark a welder. Those shelves would look good if not better in my shop, where I have lots of flat spots to put them!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Those are some serious flat spots to decorate Heather. Hooray for handy husbands. And that tie dye quote is great!