Saturday, January 19, 2008

Misplaced Worry

I'm home - yippee!!

You know, as I knew in the midst of it, I wish I had just somehow let myself enjoy the week more. I came home to kids feeling better, a SPOTLESS house, laundry done, and all of my flat spots cleaned off, dusted, and re-claimed by Matt. He had gone around with sticky notes, and every time he cleaned off a flat spot, put a sticky note on it that said "RECLAIMED".

I don't know - there are some days that might have secretly annoyed me. But, I'm so tickled that they are clean, I might just try to keep them clear for awhile! Except my nightstand, of course - he had no right to "reclaim" my nightstand! His side of the bed - understandable - but my nightstand - I don't think so!! There may be a couple of other questionable reclamations, but for now, I'm letting it go - at least until the next time I come up the stairs bearing a load of about 9 or 10 or 752 grocery bags ;-)

Anyway, my bloggy friends - you have every right to remind me about my misplaced stress on the 28th when I'm headed to Seattle. Hopefully for that trip, everyone will be healthy, and the boys can just commence to the usual nachos, pizza, movies and video games they usually get when I'm gone!

Thanks, Matt - you are a fabulous father, and you do a great job running the house. And, when I can allow my OCD brain to relax and remember that, we'll both be better off! Thanks for taking such good care of things while I was gone . . .


Anonymous said...

Clearly, I was out of line moving the 12 volt car DVD player and a box of oranges.

What was I thinking? Everyone needs a piece of electronics that won't plug into anything in the house and a midnight citrus snack!

Tina said...

I love the "RECLAIMED" sticky notes - that is great. I would love it if my husband would reclaim the flat surfaces one day. He and I are both annoyed by clutter, but he has a hard time finding a home for the clutter. We'll be cleaning together and hand me a pile of stuff to put away. Although I am particular about many things, I would like to believe that I would be grateful for someone else cleaning my house! I LOVE coming home to a clean house.

Susan said...

LOVE the reclaimed stickers! That is hiliarious! But I agree, your night stand is all yours to clutter! Yea for coming home to a clean house too. That is the most awesome thing ever!