Saturday, December 8, 2007

Twelve Days of Christmas

Thanks for this fun idea, Neighbor Jane!

One holiday movie I recently watched

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
Last two holiday websites I visited

Three favorite items of clothing

  • Aura jeans
  • Oversized hoodie
  • My yard-sale bargain fake Uggs

Four favorite things to eat

  • Steak & Lobster or Steak & Crab
  • Matt's Creme Brulee
  • Starbucks scones
  • Out

Five things I ate yesterday

  • Lucky Charms
  • Chinese Food from Tree Cafe
  • Fresh-baked rolls
  • Key-lime/White Chocolate cookies
  • Pie at Perkins

Six things I need to do today

  • Pack the boys for a sleepover
  • Pack me for a trip to Tri-Cities
  • Make a shopping list
  • Clip Coupons
  • Laundry
  • Dishes

Seven gifts I’d like to receive

  • Rachael Ray Knives
  • Anita Renfroe DVD
  • Big Picture Scrapbooking
  • A Calendar with my kid's pictures to hang at work (love ya, Darla!)
  • Beth Moore DVD or bible study
  • A Christmas Story DVD that I can watch over and over, cause 24 hours straight on Christmas Eve day just isn't quite enough!
  • The fun word game we play at Pizza Hut that I already can't remember the name of.

Eight ingredients my kitchen shouldn’t be without during the holidays

  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Choc. Chips
  • Homemade Vanilla
  • Cream
  • Karo Syrup
  • Oats

Nine Christmas songs I like to hear

  • Mary Did You Know?
  • A Christmas Prayer - Jonas Brothers
  • Did You Know? - Todd Agnew
  • Little Drummer Boy
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?
  • Away In A Manger
  • Joy To The World
  • Silent Night - by The African Children's Choir
  • Frosty The Snowman

Ten memorable Christmas gifts

  • The umbrella - wish I still had it
  • Our first computer - Commodor 64
  • Presents from boys last year about why they like their mom
  • Willow Tree Nativity
  • Matt's t-shirt quilt
  • My leather coat mom bought my Jr. year
  • Christmas Stockings from Julie
  • I got Judd a poster, and it wasn't the one he had wanted, and he started crying
  • The year Matt & I tried to cap Christmas spending, and I ended up with gifts from all sorts of fictional people so he wouldn't go over his spending limit
  • My angel figure collection from Matt

Eleven favorite Christmas traditions
  • Christmas Letter
  • Family or boys Christmas picture
  • Watching "A Christmas Story" over & over
  • Christmas Eve at my parents
  • Taking pics of Matt & the Boys sleeping under the tree
  • Baking
  • Decorating the house
  • Giving gifts
  • Last minute dashes in my craft room - praying for paint, modge podge, and/or glue to dry quickly
  • Putting about 1,000 miles on the car - the miles aren't my favorite part, but the family that we get to see because of them is definitely my favorite
  • Adopting either children or families who need gifts

Twelve fun childhood Christmas memories
  • The total transformation of mom's house from ordinary to Christmas
  • Learning how to fix socks with Aunt LaVerne while mom & dad were at midnight mass
  • Grandma Gladys' house
  • Grandma Laura's inability to keep a Christmas present a secret
  • Christmas in Hawaii with Webb's - Marcia went with me to midnight mass so I would feel more at home
  • Christmas Exchanges and parties at school
  • Waiting until a couple days before Christmas to get a tree - some say we were trying to find "the perfect one", while others claim we were waiting until they got either really cheap or free!!
  • Spraying all the perfume at Mitchell's Pharmacy to find mom the perfect gift - I'm sure you loved every bottle, right mom?
  • Being an angel every year in the play at church with the same white sheet-type costume and silver halos - I think they still use them today . . .
  • Watching A Christmas Story about 55 or 1 zillion times
  • Popcorn balls and Christmas Cookies
  • Midnight Mass


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Heather, I loved your list. Thank you for doing it, 'cause it was fun reading your answers.

Silent Night - by The African Children's Choir? That sounds w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l. I'm going to see if I can find it.

Tracy said...

Ok - I completely love this idea! Thanks for sharing girls, now if I can just think of answers for all of it! :)