Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sometimes, You're So Far Behind . . . .

that it's just as easy to start a new race as it is to catch up. There have been so many changes in the past few weeks, and so many blogs written in my head, that I can't keep up with the all! I will attempt to run a photo catch-up post on all the changes in our little world before I start my new race.

Jake changed from this-
-to this. Sick with Meningitis the day after Thanksgiving, although it took us 4 days ant 3 vet visits to get the correct diagnosis.
-to this - a healthy, growing, getting into trouble again puppy. Isn't he getting big?

Darla went from this bubbly, young mother---

-to this. What a good sport! She dressed up as Mrs. Claus for our Wilbur Ellis entry in the Agriculture Christmas Parade. Her and the kids did such a good job!

After many hours, cold bums, hot cocoas, toe warmers, and tears, the boys went from this-

-to this at the hockey rink. They are improving so much!

The good news - only 16 weeks of hockey left. My buns should be completely frozen off by then - so there, Jenny Craig - I don't need you to make my butt go away, I just need my kids to join one more frozen ice sport . . .

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