Friday, December 28, 2007

Some of Our Memorable Gifts

Verna gave me this book of fabulous scrapbooking ideas - I can't wait to try them out!

This was my gift from Tami - Matt's cousin - at his family Christmas party. I first saw this gal at Women of Faith, and have read a couple of her books since then. She's a hoot! I even got Matt to watch one of the DVD's with me on the 28th!

Matt's mom made him scrapbooks for his first 4 years - they were precious! It's fun for the boys to go through them and see what daddy was like when he was a boy.

The Rachel Ray Furi knives - oh, this was cool. Jay bought these for all the gals at the office. I've already cut my finger - they are sharp, sharp, sharp! I'm just certain my cooking will improve based on these knives alone!

Guitar Hero - the picture and the title should say it all, but I must insert that it took Chance 3 days to beat the game on the "Easy" level, while Matt was stuck a few gigs back. He has played it incessantly for the last two nights - not just to catch up, no no - he must beat his 8-year-old, and prove that he can Rock better than anyone in the house. I must admit, Metallica's 'One' sounded pretty good by the end of last night.

The kitchen stool of my childhood - only I'm pretty sure ours was Avacado Green. Great job with the white, Matt - I'm not sure I wanted an exact replica, but I did want our boys to pull this stool up to the counter when they need a glass, or when they want to help mom cook - what a great gift.

The inscription on the box said "When God is in your heart, God is in your life." Thanks, mom - this is the most fabulous bracelet. I love it!!

This was my present from Colton so I could "practice my hairstyles." Matt apparently tried to gently suggest things on my list that I might want instead, but Colton would have nothing of it. He was so proud of his purchase - isn't she cute??


Anonymous said...

Great, a picture of me doing the windmill with a fake guitar while wearing MC Hammer pants! Bet I haven't heard the last of this Christmas!

Darla said...

Oh my gosh..... I love it..!!!!!
And yep Matt wins the prize... Does he realize that guitar isn't that big... *lol*...

I'm so glad you guys had a great Christmas!!!!

Tina said...

That STOOL!! I saw one at Bi-Mart a couple of months ago on sale. I wanted one! I didn't buy it yet though. My grandma used to have one, I think it was avacado green too. I used to use it all the time while helping her make apple pies! Oh the memories!

We have guitar hero also, what a great guy game! Although my nieces rock at it and were sad when we moved farther away this fall - not because they were going to miss us, they were going to miss guitar hero!