Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Joyeux Noel

Joyeux Noel!
Merry Christmas from France!
Chance's class had a "Christmas Around The World" open house last night. The kids have been working for about 3 weeks on this large project (I felt like I was in CWP again, only Chance's stuff turned out better!). They had to choose a country and research their Christmas traditions. Chance chose France (with some help from his teacher). He had to write a 1-1/2 page report, find artifacts from France to "bring the country to the classroom", learn to say Merry Christmas in their language, find music from France, construct a poster for visual aid of the facts he learned, make a flyer to hand out at the open house, and wear a costume representing someone from France. WOW!
I was pretty intimidated by the amount of paperwork coming home at first, but quickly got in the spirit of things - anything for an excuse to shop on eBay, right?
Soon, I had to temper my enthusiasm and, well, ummmmm, let's call it "Type A" personality, and try to let Chance actually do the project himself - without worrying about how I wanted to arrange the poster, or correcting grammar to the nth degree, or thinking things had to be just so. This was a totally easy thing for me - I mean, I'm so laid back about this kind of stuff ;-) Okay, that's a complete lie, so it was a growing experience for both of us!
Chance did an absolutely wonderful job. I got to go during school yesterday and listen to his presentation to the class. He read through his report really well, and the kids had some good questions for him - a couple of them stumped us both! He got a little confused about French artists, and tried to pass off our $$ Store poster as a Monet painting, but otherwise knew his stuff really well! He can tell you how tall the Eiffel tower is, how many steps to the top, how big the highway is that runs underneath, percentages of religions, French capital, language, Christmas traditions, etc. It was a pretty neat deal.
The kids all had little display tables set up throughout the classroom for the open house. When we walked in, we were handed a passport, and got it signed by each country as we visited their table. The kids sat by their displays, signed the passports, and answered questions from the folks walking through. Matt and I put up a small-scale version of the Eiffel tower next to Chance's table, which reached the ceiling in his classroom! Countries represented included: Russia, England, Japan, Netherlands, India, France, Togo, China, Hawaii, and Mexico.
Thanks, Mrs. Anderson, for putting together a fun & challenging project, and a great evening for the kids and their families. It was a pleasure.


Anonymous said...

What no comment on the other French phrases he learned? My personal favorite is, I surrender!

Darla said...

Heather... I so wish I could have been there what an adoreable picture & what an awesome scrapbook page *lol*.....

You are such a great mom... I would have had to hire you to help me get thru a project like that especially this time of year *lol*

What a great job he did!!!