Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Gift

We were so blessed by our church's Christmas drama performance last night. I am so impressed by the many who put in hours and hours of work to make it a success. The play was called "The Gift" and journeyed the crowd through modern day gifts (waiting hours in line for Tickle Me Elmo), compared to the gift offered by God through His son, Jesus.

After the introduction, the play began with an arrangement of Little Drummer Boy - my favorite classic Christmas carol. A teenage boy from our church was dressed as the Little Drummer Boy, with a drum strapped around his neck, offering his gift of music to the Baby - the boy's dad sang the vocals to the song right behind him. As they finished the "Shall I play for you?" portion of the song, the MLHS Drum Corps marched down the center aisle, and joined the actor on stage for a very cool percussion solo thingy (I'm just so musical).

Colton kept saying (okay, yelling, because it was so loud) - I'm so going to play drums when I grow up mom. I'm sooooo going to play like that.

He got a little scared when The Grinch came out for a part from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas - he did the sarcastic, "It's really all about the gifts, isn't it?" Chance loved it, though, and laughed while Colton crawled in my lap, turned around and wouldn't watch during that part.

As the play progressed, our focus turned from shopping, bustle, and gifts of the season to the free gift offered in Jesus Christ, as well as the gift of adoption offered to those who would accept it, and be adopted in to the Body of Christ. The cast did a little video deal at Pike's Place Market about accepting a free gift - they tried to give away $20 bills to people. You'd be amazed at the minute amount of people who would actually take the gift, compared to the masses that they spoke with. A truly free gift seems unheard of in our day. It was a neat portion of the program.

It was a late night by the time we were done - homework had to be put off until this morning - but well worth it! I am grateful that we went, and blessed by what we saw and heard. Thanks, MLAC - you did a fabulous job!

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh wow, Heather, this sounds like it was really good. I'd have loved the drummer boy part...it all sounded great.