Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, yams, rolls, pie, cheesecake, leftover turkey sandwiches - we are blessed to have such a feast!
Holidays - we are so blessed to have times of celebration - to concentrate on Thankfulness, our Savior's Birth, the coming of a new year, and everything in between. It sets our hearts to think about something outside of ourselves.
Almighty God - I am so grateful for a God that is so much bigger than even my imagination. Those of you who know me well, know that at times I can be a bit controlling - sometimes, in my mind, I even think I'd like a predictable God that I can wrap my mind around, and plan my day around - thank you, Lord, that you are not! My God is great, my God is strong, my God is mighty - there is nothing my God can't do for you (for those of you without a pre-schooler, this is a song they sing - so appropriate!)
Nutcrackers - my boys are still enthralled by them. Thanks to the $$ store, we purchase a new nutcracker army each year - not for decoration or for actual nutcracking (and especially not for balleting), but to stage elaborate Christmas battles, wielding swords and axes. At $1 a piece, the fact that they are all missing limbs at the end of the season is an easy pill to swallow - they offer so much entertainment!
Kind-hearted friends - I have the best of them. I am blessed to still be in touch with old friends-Trish, Tab, Alison. It takes about 2 minutes grab a cup of tea, catch up, and feel like you've never been apart. I have made some of the most fabulous friends in recent years, and they have enriched my life to no end - Darla, Jane, Deb, Annette - I am lucky to know you all.
Family - I'm blessed to come from the best family ever, and doubly-blessed to have married the most amazing man and start my own best family ever. I hope I do as well for my children as was done for me . . .
Unrelenting schedule - many times a burden, but a blessing in that I am physically able to take on many tasks, that I am mentally gifted to handle organization, and that I can truly enjoy my rare periods of down time.
Love - "........and the greatest of these is Love." I am so grateful for a loving heart - our Lord has given us the greatest of gifts - to give and receive.

Wow, that's a lot of "blessed" and "best" - I am truly thankful for it al.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love your thankful list Heather and count you among my favorite blessings.

Anonymous said...

Each time your readership goes up you get a case of writers cramp. Maybe you went on strike with the rest of the showbiz pinheads. either way put your fingers to the buttons and update me on whats going on with my family!