Thursday, November 1, 2007

Family Resemblance

Colton got to have "Let's Pretend" party at pre-school yesterday. He was so excited to wear his skeleton costume to school, and reminded me about 100 times that I didn't need to pack a snack, because they would have lots of treats at their party.

It was close-out day at work, so I didn't take the time to go in (I know, Darla, I should have gone - but that's another post!), so I was excited to hear how his day went. Matt saw his teacher later in the afternoon, and she relayed this story . . .

All the kids had gotten their picture taken in their costumes, and they worked on an art project to frame them at put them up on the bulletin board. Late in the day, Pam saw him at the board, staring at his picture, very sad and kind of whimpering.

What's wrong, Colton?

It looks like my brother.

But Colton, that's the picture we took just today - see, that's you in your skeleton costume!

I know it's me, but it looks like my brother.

Later, after all of the tricks and treats, we were back home to get settled in for the night. I was unpacking Colton's backpack, and found his cute picture frame.

Great picture, buddy!

Look, mom, it's a magnet - we can put it on the fridge.

That looks so cool!

It looks just like my brothy.

I think it looks just like you - a cutie patootie.

I think it looks just like my brothy, and I would rather look just like me!

I'll let you be the judge - I see many similarities in them, but their personalities are so different, it's not hard for me to tell them apart. They are definitely brothers, but each so unique. Here they both are, each about 4 1/2 when the picture was taken . . .


Darla said...

They do look alot alike but they are so different....Scarey how much your boys & my boys are alike *lol*
You have great kids & have done a great job!!!

Susan said...

Oh my, they do look a lot alike! Since I've never met them, I wouldn't be able to tell them apart either. But very cute alike though!