Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Theology by Colton

An overview of the conversation on our way to town this morning . . .

Colton - Mom, I came down to your room last night because I got scared.

Mom - What you you scared of?

Colton - The dark.

Mom - But honey, Jake (the dog) was in his kennel. Why were you scared of him while you were sleeping?

Colton - Not the dog, mom - the DARK!

Mom - Oh, the dark? Well, did you say a little prayer?

Colton - I don't like to pray when I'm scared of the dark.

Mom - Oh, I see. Well, I was just wondering, because whenever I wake up scared of the dark, it makes me feel better to say a little prayer.

Colton - But what if God doesn't hear me?

Mom - He ALWAYS hears you. I promise.

Colton - Even at nighttime?

Mom - The bible tells us that God never sleeps, so he is always watching over you, and He is awake to hear your prayers. He is just waiting for you to talk to him.

Colton - Mom, I think God sleeps at nighttime.

Mom - Buddy, remind me tonight, and I'll show you in your bible the part where it says he doesn't sleep.

Colton - Actually, mommy, my bible says that on the 7th day, He rested. Hello. He slept the whole 7th day.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That is a good one, Heather. How did you answer him?