Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where do you keep your dishes?

This morning, Colton and I were up early (somehow, that dog hasn't figured out how to sleep in yet ;-). We were hanging out in the living room, watching Saturday cartoons - okay, I was dozing on the chair, Colt was watching the cartoons. After a little bit, Colton decided he was hungry for breakfast, and that he wanted cereal.

He decides that he is big enough to get it himself. I head to the kitchen with him, a little bit to supervise, but mostly to prevent the 5/6-full gallon of milk from finding its way to my kitchen floor.

Colt grabs a stool, and heads to the cereal cupboard. Climbs up, and finds the cereal he wants to have. Sets it on the counter.

Grabs the very full milk from the fridge, with much grunting and groaning. Sets it on the counter.

He says - "I'm ready mom!"

"No you're not," I say, "You still need a bowl and a spoon."

He heads for the dishwasher.

Miracle of all miracles, I had emptied the dishwasher the night before.

"Oh no! Mom! We don't have ANY dishes!"

Me, trying hard to hide the laughter - "Did you look in the cupboard?"

"Nope. Just checked the dishwasher."

So, where to you keep your dishes? It is comically obvious where mine are 90% of the time. Hopefully one day his future wife will forgive me!

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