Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Judd!

Today is my brother's 26th birthday - so in true bloggy tradition, I give you 26 things I love about my little bro.....

  1. He has the most laid-back, but steady personality - I'm jealous.
  2. I see him in my son, Chance, on a regular basis.
  3. He is a great uncle - in case you can't tell, he's the one in the center of the picture, exhibiting infinite patience.
  4. He gives people the benefit of the doubt.
  5. He has such an inner strength about him.
  6. There are many instances when you are sure he is my parent's favorite kid - but he is so dang likable, you don't seem to care much.
  7. He is a hard, hard worker.
  8. He has bailed me (and our small business) out many a time with his hard work.
  9. He is a good friend to Matt.
  10. He is my friend.
  11. I know he would do anything for me.
  12. He teaches me to relax - at least, leads by example, and keeps me trying . . .
  13. He appreciates our heritage, and that of those around him.
  14. He is a loyal fan. GO IRISH!
  15. He is a steadfast and loyal friend - and he calls many, many people his friend.
  16. His ability to talk to anyone makes me insanely jealous.
  17. He has questionable taste in music, but stands by his preferences.
  18. He has been through more in the last year than I'm sure he could have imagined, but he has persevered.
  19. He knows God.
  20. He is truly respectful - not just the face-value kind, but the deep in your heart kind.
  21. My sons love, love, love their "Uncle Juddy." Chance covets the opportunity to beat him at Playstation, and Colton just plain likes being around him - especially on the 4-wheeler!
  22. He is so good to mom & dad.
  23. He is generous.
  24. He puts up with his big sister's meddling and bossiness (mostly).
  25. He is someone that I like to be around - not a relative that I "put up with", but one I look forward to.
  26. I can't wait until he has tons of babies - and I hope that steady, laid back guy has to deal with at least one that's just like me ;-)

Happy Birthday, Judd. You are truly one-of-a-kind. I thank God for you - I am so blessed to have you for a brother. Hope it's a great one!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Heather, that picture with the kids swarming him says it all! What a lucky guy to have you for his sister.

Anonymous said...

That list reminds me how lucky I am to have him in my life, too. :) Thank you, Heather. That was really special.