Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because, really, peanut butter could be classified as a vegetable, couldn't it?

Okay, I know everyone (all 3 of you) is dying for an update on the puppy I introduced you to in this post. I feel like a new parent ;-)

He is sleeping through the night - finally. But, there is no sleeping in, and no more hitting the snooze button. As soon as he hears my alarm go off at 5:30, he is ready to face the morning! Today, I tried to trick him a little when, for some reason, I woke up about 5 minutes before my alarm went off. I quietly got up, shut the alarm off, and laid back down. Yeah, I got a whole extra 2 minutes of lounging in bed before he woke up and started his whining routine.

We're making progress on the potty routine, but that one is a one-step-forward, two-steps-back kind of thing. He does really well, unless I forget to pay attention to the clock. We're getting there, though.

He's no too sure about the cows, which is okay, because they are not too sure about him. He is already messing with the cats, and he's still small enough that they are messing back. Little do they know, he'll soon be the size of a horse, and will think of them as little more than a snack! They'd better watch their backs . . .

A couple days ago, Chance had taken him outside to go to the bathroom, and wanted to reward him with a dog treat when he came back in. We just got the variety pack of little dog bone thingies. Anyway, Chance is looking down the pictures of the different flavors, and I can hear him talking out loud:
  • This one's chicken, this color is beef, this is cheesy - Oh! Here you go, Jake. You haven't been eating enough vegetables lately . . . . so you can have this peanut butter one!

Yep, a veritable fountain of food-group knowledge, I am. And, in teaching my kids all about nutrition, food pyramids, etc, they know those food groups like the back of their hand.



Unfortunately, they think they are chocolate, peanut butter, chicken nuggets, and dessert.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I LIKE your thinking! Aren't puppies the worst/best?

Overwhelmed! said...

Your puppy sounds a bit like my 2 1/2 year old son. And we're at the potty training stage with him now too! :)

Glad your puppy is settling in.