Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Better Than I Deserve

Matt and I both listen to Dave Ramsey a lot. ---Insert: due to severe inequality of the Sirius radio receiver, as well as availability during show hours, Matt gets to listen waaayyyyy more often than I do. But I'm not bitter, nope, not a bit.---- Anyway, he is a Christian money counselor whose goal is to get America out of debt. He does a great job dealing with the people who call in, and Matt and I are anxious for the day we get to call in and do our Victory Shout. I'm sure I'll be blogging about that when it happens.

Anyway, Dave's tag line, whenever a caller asks how he's doing, is "better than I deserve." Isn't that the truth for all of us?? Sometimes, we get a bit downtrodden and thinking otherwise, but usually it only takes a look around to see all of the blessings we have right in front of our noses.

All of this to say that last weekend, we had a "better than we deserve" kind of weekend.

We had an art show for our metal business in Tri-Cities, and had reservations to stay at a hotel for two nights. When we checked in, we were expecting a room like this . . .

. . . and, through some sort of unbeknownst upgrade, ended up with something more like this!

It had a kitchen, dining table, living area, separate bedroom, jacuzzi tub, dual-head shower - the works! We spent a little bit of time trying to decide if we should go back to the front desk and tell them of their error - we certainly did not pay for a room this nice. Admittedly, we spent very little time pondering this option - we had to check out our new digs for the weekend!

We had decided that the folks at the front desk were very capable individuals, and because we were a member of this chain's rewards club, we must have gotten some manna from heaven, in the form of this free upgrade. Although, after deciding this, we did double-check our check-in papers, to make sure the rate I had initialed hadn't changed from the time we were at the front desk to the time that we entered the suite.

Isn't is fun when things like that happen? Sometimes, you get a very real reminder that your life, no matter what situation you are currently in, is "better than you deserve." After all, aside from grace, if the Lord gave us what we deserved, we'd be a sorry lot, indeed.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Now THAT was a bargain :) Hooray for you.

I checked out your metal site and loved it!