Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wii had joy, Wii had fun, Wii had seasons in the sun . . .

Except that the only sun we saw this weekend was what filtered through the horizontal shades as we played the Wii!!

This past week, Matt had training in Seattle. Armed with the determination to soak up much knowledge, about $500, and the determination to purchase a gaming system for the joy of the whole family, he and his partner set off. He quickly found several retailers near his hotel, and faithfully checked in with each of them each day. They even asked the hotel front desk if they could change rooms, to a room with a better TV, in case the Wii purchase worked out early in the week. It didn't.

Finally, on Friday, a merciful Fred Meyer representative, who had seen Matt's number on caller i.d. that week more than his girlfriend's, revealed that they had received a shipment. Matt agonized over leaving class early, but made the studious choice to wait until the end and hope there was still one in stock that afternoon. There was.

When he got home from training, he and the boys headed to the yard for possibly the last "real" baseball game of the season. Matt's a smart enough dad to know that as soon as he reveals this coveted gaming technology, outside baseball won't even make the back burner. They had fun, but he was right. He started giving them hints, and as soon as Chance guessed it, they both abandoned the backyard baseball game in favor of state-of-the-art graphics and an air-conditioned living room.

We had so much fun trying out all the games, setting up our individual Mii players, and figuring out how to use those silly controllers and nunchucks. Wii Play was probably the biggest hit for everyone, at least for the first round. It has tons of different games and activities you can play, which meant there was something easy enough for Colton and Mama, and challenging enough for Daddy and Chance.

Chance fell in love with the baseball game that Matt got called "The Bigs" and has been pitching and hitting almost as much as he did in real life during baseball season. Grandma D and Papa Chuck were down on Sunday, so Papa challenged Chance in pool and bowling, and Grandma D raced cows with Colton. Really, it's fun for the whole family - and they're not even paying me to be their commercial!! If anyone out there (of you 5 people reading) have a preview copy of the Wii Fit game coming out in 2008 that you'd like me to try out, send it my way - that's my next ambition!

So, some snippets from our Wiikend . . .

  1. Colton - Daddy, can you help me swing the golf club? / Daddy - You have to keep your feet still, buddy. / Colton - Daddy, you stand there, and use your "talented toes" to keep my feet from moving! (Yes, as you can guess, the "talented toes" is a whole 'nother blog in itself!)
  2. Chance - My arm is sooooo sore from pitching and hitting. Mom, I don't think I can do swim lessons tomorrow. / Mom - if your arm is too sore to swim, it will certainly need the rest of the week to recover. So, if you don't swim, you can't play the Wii. / Chance - I think if I stretch it out on the way to the pool, I'll probably still be able to swim . . .
  3. Papa Chuck - Dar, I think the grand kids really need one of these at our house. They would all have so much fun with it! We ought to just stop at Wal-Mart on the way home and pick one up for ourselves.
  4. Mommy - I think, at least for awhile, I have more leverage than I have ever had in my parenting journey thus far. Just the mere mention of a Wii hiatus snaps Chance to attention in a heartbeat. And if you think I exaggerate - he dusted the microwave last night . . . . without being asked. I've got the power!!! Or at least, the cord to the Wii, which, at the present moment, is synonymous.

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