Monday, July 16, 2007


Just a few snippets from our weekend. We had the extreme of emotions - lots of great fun and lots of great fits. Here's a bit of each . . .

  • Sunday afternoon, Colton comes in crying from playing outside . . . . . ."Sorry mommy, I scared the baby birds a little bit. They all flew away!" . . . . .We have some birds that nested on our deck, and we have recently been watching them learn to fly . . . . . "Did you do something that might have scared them?" . . . . . "No, I didn't do anything that was too scary at all." . . . . . ."Did you do anything to the baby birds - even anything that wasn't scary?" . . . . ."No............well, I just reached the hockey stick up to their nest very gently....but not scary."
  • Chance - to his dad after he struck him out multiple times - "That was high heat, baby! You know you can't hit my junk - take a seat on the pine!!!"
  • And, the pinnacle of the weekend, as well as my "Mother of the Year" nomination - after a bit of a raised voice on Sunday evening (okay, okay, I was screaming like a banshee), Colton says - "Why were you talking like that - you were mad and sad at the same time! And you were not listening to Jesus anymore, because you yelled and said bad words (relax, the words were 'butt' and 'stupid', and they were not names I called the boys. Compared to the words flowing through my head, I consider this a miracle that these were the only ones that came out), and you broke my heart, and I will never be the same again!"

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