Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My 100

In true bloggy tradition, for my 100th post, I give you 100 things about me. I know, probably 99 more than you ever needed to know. But I didn't start this tradition, I'm just following it!

  1. I love Jesus.

  2. I have the most fabulous family.

  3. I live in the Northwest.
  4. To most people, that would mean mountains, trees, and rain; but our part of it is as far from that as you can get.
  5. I love the changes of the seasons, and I'm usually quite ready for the next one by the time it comes around.
  6. My husband is my perfect other half.
  7. I have two boys that I absolutely adore.
  8. My mom has been one of my best friends for my entire life.
  9. I love to scrapbook.
  10. I don't have nearly enough time in my life to do it regularly.
  11. I'm a bit, ummmmm . . . . . particular (insert OCD), so I don't get a much done as I'd like to when I do sit down to do it.
  12. I am working on this, and getting better--in part thanks to the ideas in the Simple Scrapbook sessions of 5 Minutes for Mom.
  13. Since we went with a digital camera, I take a kazillion pictures.
  14. This drives my boys crazy!
  15. I'm finally okay with only printing about 10-20% of the photos I take.
  16. Except for school pictures, I do my kids photo shoots.
  17. Partly because I'm too cheap to pay a photographer.
  18. Mostly because we live on a really cool old ranch, and I couldn't ask for any better backdrops than the ones right outside my front door.
  19. I am so touched by the story of Especially Heather, that I am daily praying for a girl that really the only things I know about her are that we share a name, a love of blogging, and a passion for Jesus.
  20. I am currently trying to be a halfway good mom by pausing every 2 seconds to watch Chance do a slow-motion replay of his imaginary football game while inserting a myriad of "and I was like . . . .", "and then, the ball went like . . . .", "and, watch, this is the cool part . . .", etc, etc.
  21. When he isn't doing imaginary replays, he is doing replays of George of the Jungle.
  22. George of the Jungle is Colton's movie pick of the week.
  23. I love date nights with my husband.
  24. Our family enjoys camping.
  25. We have camped so much that we don't do many of the "novelty" type camping stuff anymore.
  26. Which makes me really miss s'mores sometimes.
  27. But, I also appreciate the smorgasbord of food that we've come to enjoy as a group.
  28. Chance has only asked about 28 times if I'm done on the computer yet.
  29. Chance - my mom plays on the computer too much.
  30. Chance - my mom likes to sit in her chair.
  31. Chance - my mom likes to read books.
  32. Chance - you drive your car too much
  33. Chance - you like going to the store too much.
  34. Colton - I don't like it when you get me in trouble.
  35. Colton - I like it that you let me watch cartoons in the morning.
  36. Colton - Pink is your favorite color.
  37. Pink is sooo not my favorite color. I like it, but it's not my favorite - I lean more toward red, blue, and black.
  38. Colton - you love me to the moon and back.
  39. I just got done reading If You Can't Lose It, Decorate It by Anita Renfroe.
  40. It was fabulous!
  41. Those of you reading this who have me on your Christmas list, I'm inserting a giant hint that you can buy me any other Anita Renfroe book or dvd, and I would be extra, extra joyful.
  42. I am now reading Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson
  43. It was the Women of Faith novel of the year, which is why I chose it.
  44. I love, love, love to cook.
  45. I also quite enjoy eating the concoctions that I cook.
  46. My body shape does reflect this.
  47. Although I'm working on that.
  48. Daily.
  49. At about 5:00 in the morning.
  50. Crazy, huh?
  51. Rachael Ray was my hero of all time.
  52. Until I started watching Paula Deen.
  53. Now, I can't decide.
  54. And Amazon.com loves that, because I am a cookbook fiend!
  55. I shop online a lot.
  56. Ebay and Amazon are my usual vices.
  57. I also like to browse Overstock, Zappos, and Joe's New Balance Outlet.
  58. I do like my shoes.
  59. And, always with the justification, as long as I have fewer than my friend Annette, I am totally at peace.
  60. Thankfully, Annette and Imelda Marcos are sisters or something, so I have very little to worry about.
  61. Matt doesn't really understand the shoe thing.
  62. But, he's relaxed enough about it that he actually bought me a pair a few months ago.
  63. A few years go, I wouldn't have bet on the previous entry at 1,000,000:1 odds.
  64. Chance - how can you only be on number 63 - you've been doing that forever!
  65. I was a really good student in high school.
  66. I was also pretty good at sports.
  67. I played volleyball, basketball, and track.
  68. I was good enough to play basketball in college.
  69. It was an incredible experience.
  70. I met Matt while in college.
  71. I thank God everyday for that.
  72. I like old stuff.
  73. We have a lot of antique furniture in our house.
  74. But, not the chairs or couches.
  75. I'm a firm believer that those folks did not know how to make comfortable furniture.
  76. If you don't believe me, try going to my brother's house.
  77. I like to imagine how many conversations those pieces of furniture have overheard throughout the years.
  78. I bet they know a lot of secrets.
  79. I don't like secrets.
  80. Or surprises.
  81. Maybe because I'm such a planner.
  82. Or, maybe because I have a really active imagination, and by the time the surprise gets there, my imagination has either blown it out of proportion or gone off in the wrong direction, and the surprise really has no chance to meet my expectations.
  83. I read the Bible each morning.
  84. I have found my day just does not go the same if that doesn't happen.
  85. We took lots of drives when I was growing up.
  86. I thought all families got to go on drives, see new things, go camping, not know what hotel you were staying at until you had checked the rates at 7 or 8, and see all of the historic forts within a reasonable distance.
  87. I was wrong.
  88. I so appreciate that now.
  89. I didn't appreciate it near enough then.
  90. I hope my boys appreciate all of our adventures when they are older.
  91. Even if they don't, they'd better respect me enough to flip through the scrapbooks 7 or 85 times, oohing and ahhing over the kazillion pictures I took.
  92. Someday I will drive a really cute car.
  93. Or maybe a really tough car.
  94. But, as long as I have kids who eat McDonald's in the back seat, and I put on thousands of carpooling miles per year, I will drive an economical car.
  95. George of the Jungle is over.
  96. My time is drawing very short.
  97. I must surrender the computer to Chance so that my children can get to bed sometime tonight.
  98. This is a lame way to fill in the last few numbers.
  99. But, I am lame like that.
  100. Did I mention that I love Jesus?

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