Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Choose Wisely . . .

We are back from our mini-vacation, and there are many stories to tell and pictures to share. But, until I get them all organized, I'll leave you with another priceless moment from Colton last night.

On our trip, our friend Terry had given us some fresh spinach from his garden. I decided to make wilted spinach salad for dinner, as a quick, easy, and cool dinner. Perfect after a long drive. I knew Colton would not be too excited about this, so I offered both he and Chance the option of mac & cheese. Chance wanted to try the salad, and Colton opted for mac & cheese.

We are all seated at the table for dinner, we've said the blessing, and everyone is ready to dive into their food. I'm well into my second bite of salad when I notice the table had gone quiet. Matt is staring at a bite of salad on his fork. Because he is at the other side of the table, it takes me a bit to see the MOTH nestled in his spinach. Apparently, this persistent little bugger (no pun intended) made it past both the stem-snipping and washing stages, all the way to Matt's plate.

We all kind of looked at each other, not sure where this was going to go. My stomach is rolling, and I'm a bit embarrassed as well. Matt's trying to decide how to get out of this situation, and begins to gently set that bite aside on a small plate.

Suddenly, Colton is giggling in his seat.

It's a quiet version of the laugh that usually literally tips him over when he's laughing hard.

He looks Matt straight in the eye and says - "You shoulda picked the mac & cheese!" And continues to giggle . . .

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Welcome home! I've missed your posts. I loved your story, too.