Monday, July 2, 2007

Amazing Freedom

This weekend was absolutely fabulous! We went to Seattle as a family, and had a weekend full of fun and activities. Matt had gotten me tickets to the Women of Faith event in Seattle for my birthday, so we planned our family weekend around that.
We got up bright and early on Friday morning, and headed to the big city. With a quick stop at McDonald's, the back seat loaded with pillows, blankets, Nintendo, and DVD's, we were on our way! It was actually a very peaceful drive. The kids did great.
On a side note - I'm going to be extra-selfish and post mostly about my stuff today. I'll post the boys' adventures, along with pictures, tomorrow.
Friday was the pre-conference event. Dr. Henry Cloud and Sheila Walsh. Both fabulous. You could tell from the set-up of the arena, that there were about 1/3 of the attendees there would be at the regular event. So, even though there were still lots of ladies there, it somehow felt more personal. I was never ready for the breaks, and excited every time they started up again.
For reasons too long and still too emotional to blog about, I missed the Friday night session. Suffice it to say, I am a hick from the sticks, with no understanding of traffic, time lines, and alternate routes. My town is too small to have alternate routes. And, having your ticket in the car with you, instead of sitting on the table at the hotel - well, that is also usually very helpful. So, in essence, I missed the reason Matt had bought me the ticket in the first place, because Max Lucado was speaking, and he, being my very smart husband, knows that Max is like my favorite of all time. So, in addition to wasting 1/2 tank of gas that evening for nothing, I also had to purchase the conference DVD for $40, because I had to see Max in some form!!!!
But, fortunately, I didn't really miss it all. In fact, if I hadn't known Max was speaking on Friday, I wouldn't have thought I missed anything. Saturday was absolutely amazing - which is good, because their theme was Amazing Freedom. I think my favorite speakers were Nicole Johnson and Sheila Walsh, but it's hard to pick. Sandi Patti is completely wonderful, Anita Renfroe made me laugh so hard my sides hurt and I will be hot on the e-waves of to purchase some of her material, and Nicole C Mullin can rock like no one I have ever seen - she is THE chick!
So many times, I'm sure they were talking specifically to me - which, in my opinion, makes a success out of a 10,000 person conference. Even the gals who, at first glance, didn't look like they would be as enjoyable, carried a message that touched my heart in one way or another. I was impressed, awestruck, laughing, crying, and doing some furious note-taking, all at the same time.
I ran into some friends from my hometown, and it was such a blessing to be able to spend the day with them.
If you ever have an opportunity to attend a Women of Faith event, I highly recommend it. I am already looking forward to next year, and that kind of futuristic planning just doesn't happen too often with me - okay it happens all the time, but it's still exciting to think about putting this year's stuff into practice, and look forward to what next year's conference will bring.
And now, as I look back on this post, I have over-used all the amazing!'s, absolutely!'s, fabulous!'s, awesome!'s, and many other exaggerated, descriptive adverbs. Hopefully, they served to get my point across that I had a truly one-of-a-kind weekend - that is, until next time.
PS - It's good to be back ;-) See you tomorrow . . .

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Heather, this sounds like an amazing conference. I LOVE learning and going to conferences like this where you can be uplifted and enthused. Glad you had a great time.