Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Father's Day Edition

Since it is Father's Day weekend, my Thankful Thursday post is dedicated to my dad - there are so many things to be thankful for, I'm sure I won't get them all, but it will be a good start! Happy Father's Day, Dad! I Love You ;-)

I'm thankful for tagging along on Saturdays in the Cenex delivery truck.

I'm thankful for walking to the station after school and learning how to properly wash a windshield (I still do this much better than Matt, even today!)

I'm thankful for memories at the Butte Ranch - learning how to drive the brown van and the little blue Mustang, trying to ride that mean old horse without success, and playing for hours in the wheat truck.

I'm thankful for big, black inner-tube marks from the tractor tube we used to float on the Lady of the Lake waves.

I'm thankful for those weekend drives - even when I got older and was a brat and would read in the back seat the whole time, and couldn't be bothered to appreciate the scenery of yet another fort!

I'm thankful for countless hours and tanks of gas chasing my sporting events - I am only now beginning to truly appreciate what impact that had on a limited budget.

I'm thankful for your involvement in church, for the love for God that you and mom both portray, and for the solid foundation you gave me to spring from.

I'm thankful for the friend you've become to Matt. For your willingness to help our family whenever we need it. For your advice and guidance.

I'm thankful that you love my mom. In some ways, I've never seen it more than I have in the last year.

I'm thankful that you are a fabulous Papa to my boys - they love you so much.

I'm thankful that you like to spend time with family - that we have many camping trips to enjoy this summer, and for many summers to come. I can't wait!

Dad - I hope you have a fabulous Father's Day weekend. I'm thankful for so much more than the above - that's just some of the highlights! I Love You!

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Denise said...

Thanks for sharing such a sweet thankful list, bless you.

Robin said...

What a lovely list - I hope you share it with your dad!

Crystal said...

What a great tribute to your Father!
Blessings on your Thursday!

IRENE said...

That's certainly alot to be thankful for. Especially the little everyday gestures that we only get to appreciate later in life!
Best Wishes to your family, and Happy Father's Day.