Monday, June 4, 2007


Colton, after walking through the swampy, wet grass to get to the playtoys at the park - "Awww mom, my shoes are all squeegy now!"

Matt, while flipping through the channels and seeing 40 Greatest Soft Rock Ballads on VH1 - "We've just gotta check it out, don't we?" And so, yes, this is how I spent my Saturday evening. We are getting older by the minute . . .

Colton, while wearing his new tank top the other day - "My name is not Colton. That is only my nickname, so don't call me that. My real name is Grandpappy-tanktoppy!"

Adrian & Colton dressed up in cowboy hats, with toy guns. Adrian - "Colton, we're outlaws, huh?" Colton - "Yeah - we're outlogged." . . . . . . "Are we logged off???"

After we have diffused a small scuffle between Adrian and Colton, and everyone is finally telling each other they are "sorry", Elijah excitedly yells "Hug! Hug! Everybody Hug!"

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