Friday, June 1, 2007


Today was Chance's last day at school - boy was he ready! We had a small awards ceremony in his classroom, and each student got a unique character award, and some end-of-school goodies - including a cd with all the pictures for the year - Thanks, Mrs. Munoz!

Chance was awarded a Certificate of Character for "Determination." This is Mrs. Munoz's message to him - Chance, you have been blessed with many gifts and talents. As I pondered your gifts, I realized that your character is full of D's. First of all, you are dependable. If I needed something done, I knew I could depend on you to do it well. You are also diligent. Each task you were given, you worked at it with all your heart, not settling for anything less than a job well done. Chance, you are decisive, always able to make a decision and give a good reason for making it. These are good "D's", but I am going to give your character award for determination. Throughout the year I have watched your determination push you to a higher level of learning. You have a competitive spirit that strives to do well. By being determined, you will never quit or give up. Chance, use this determination to serve the Lord with all your heart, no matter what obstacles come your way. 1 Corinthians 2:2 - For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.

It was a great morning for the kids. They are ready to move on to 3rd grade, ready to learn new things, ready for a more challenging environment, and also ready for a summer break! But, we are so grateful for the time and effort Chance's teacher and all the others at the school put in to make the year a success.

This was their theme for the year.

Chance, I am so proud of you. You had some adversity this year, but you didn't let that stop you from learning. You are developing a love for reading, and you can spit out math facts almost as fast as your mom! I love watching your mind work - it is amazing. Keep up the good work. Always try to do your best - it won't always be the best - but as long as it is your best, we won't be able to be more proud. I love you!

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Congratulations for Chance! Mrs. Munoz is blessed to have taught him. What great things she wrote for him.

I loved this line you wrote, "Always try to do your best - it won't always be the best - but as long as it is your best, we won't be able to be more proud."