Monday, June 11, 2007

One Small Step Toward Healthy

So, this weekend, I had a great coupon for Pillsbury cookies, and decided to give the Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip ones a try.

I got two packages, and had them all set out on cookie sheets, ready to bake after my brownies were done that we were baking for a BBQ later in the day. The wrappers were not near the cookie sheets, so it wasn't immediately apparent that they were sugar-free. Matt (in his usual fashion whenever cookie baking is in progress), grabs a dough-ball and pops it in his mouth. He says it tastes a little funny - maybe just a different brand than he's used to? So, Colton wants to have some cookie dough too.

I give him one to share with Chance. Chance takes a bite, and declares it "Nasty." Colton, completely oblivious, gladly takes Chance's 1/2 back and eats the whole thing.

I baked the rest, and set them out on the cooling rack. I tried one while they were warm. Here is my review - if you are watching your caloric intake, haven't had any sweets in awhile, and are really Jonesing for something sweet - then one of these 90 calorie wonders will probably hit the spot. If this is but one choice on a buffet line of delectable desserts, or even if it is simply the other choice between these and rocky-road brownies - it will probably fall a bit short . . . .okay, so it might fall A LOT short.
Chance came out to the kitchen as soon as he heard the oven timer beeping (do I hear Pavlov?). He grabbed one and tried a bite.

Backtracking a bit - he was outside when I was making the brownies, so he has no clue that there is a pan of brownies on the counter.

He looks at me with great concern. "Mom, these are still gross, even after you cooked them."

"You don't have to eat it." I say, "Just set it there on the counter - your brother seems to be enjoying them."

"Mom? . . . . . . Are these what we're taking to the BBQ this afternoon?"

"No - I made Rocky Road brownies to take there."

"THANK GOODNESS! That would have been sooooo embarrassing!"

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Anonymous said...

Any and all baked items that may "Fall short" should be clearly posted as sugar free and potentially hazardous, they were truly Nasty! Further, why waste the time and effort, it leads to disaster. After you eat one of the flavorless, chalky, cardboard nuggets, you are forced to cleanse your weary pallet with 6 or 7 full strength rocky-road brownies that sit about 8 inches away. What is accomplished by that? It's better to just eat 4 full strength brownies and call it good.