Monday, June 18, 2007

Dust to Dust, Older than Dirt, and Other Novelties of a Weekend with Grandmother

Well, this will be my first guest post. Funny thing is, she doesn't even know it! The boys spent the weekend with their Grandmother, and as she points out, there is never a dull moment! Here is her re-cap of the weekend -

The wind blew constantly so to their disappointment, we didn't get to go swimming. However, we didn't lack for things to do!

Poor Chance, he can hardly get a word in with Colton always talking and reminding Chance that he was annoying him.

Both of them nearly drilled Granny when she was pitching to them on the lawn. She told Chance he should turn around and bat left-handed so he wouldn't hit her and he promptly smacked one out into "left field" half way to the barn. He had a grin as big as a platter over that one! It was a great line drive! You don't often get the last word on Granny!

Colton seems to have a time-line fixation based on the lives of the dinosaurs and wanted to know if (among other things) the dinosaurs were alive or dead when I was working at Apple Tree a long time ago. Of course Chance just sat there grinning. Then when I couldn't remember exactly what had happened in answer to a question about something in my childhood his answer was, "Well, you ARE a little old."

They were pretty interested in watching when I had a blood test Saturday. Chance was surprised when the nurse handed him a vial of my blood and I told him to handle me very carefully, he gave me a funny look, then the nurse told him to shake it up so it would mix with the stuff in the bottom of the tube. I think he thought that was kind of gross, but then Colton wanted one to shake, which the nurse gave him, and I had visions of it flying out of his hand and smashing on the wall. But, he hung onto it and they both got stickers and a pencil because I didn't cry. Go figure.

If Chance asks you about how the baseball players work their way up through the minors, I did my best but I don't think he got it. I tried to explain it was a little like him working his way from T-Ball up, but it didn't transfer to the big guys in his mind. One of my vendors who lives in Houston has a daughter who is going with a guy who was just drafted out of Tulane by the Az Diamondbacks as a closer. He's coming to play for the Yakima Bears this week. I told Howard (the vendor) to give Sean my phone numbers and tell him that if he needed anything at all when he gets to Yakima he could call. Well, he called just as we got in the car after the blood test Saturday morning, wanting to know about Yakima's airport and a couple things. So we visited and afterwards, Chance wanted to know what the conversation was about. Hence, my not-so-good explanation. Long story short, Howard called this morning to tell me the Dbacks sidetracked Sean to their game tonight so they can introduce him before the game. Then, they're sending him to Yakima. I told Chance that maybe there would be an opportunity for him to come to a Bears game with us and he would get to meet Sean. The newspaper gave him a nice paragraph in Saturday's paper, so apparently, he's one to watch as far as the Dbacks are concerned. His name is Sean Morgan. I'm looking forward to meeting him.

We went to Sam and Sandi's to check out a couple new colts they have, and a very friendly calf they're bottle feeding. But as we were walking across the corral we stumbled over a big ol dried up cow pie about the size of a soccer ball. I kicked it and it rolled a ways so Sam kicked it back to Chance and it caught him about the waist. That didn't impress him too much, and I think he was trying to decide whether to be grossed out or to kick it. But he gave it a kick just as Colton came barrelling in to get it and it exploded right in the middle of them. Colton thought it was hilarious and "way cool" as chips went flying everywhere and Chance just stood there with that goofy grin he has. I think Sam thought I was going to rain all over him because he was apologizing all over himself for not knowing it was going to "fly" like it did. All in all, a good time was had, and the boys got a thorough bath when we got home. Sorry, Heather, I guess fun is where you find it sometimes.

After Sunday lunch I wanted to take some flowers to Grandfather's grave and the boys had a lot of very good questions. They were really good about walking and talking quietly, and we sat on the grass and talked about Grandfather and how deep in the ground his body was and where Granny's body was going to go when she dies and why we bring flowers and why we bury bodies if we get new ones in Heaven. I remember Matt telling me when he was about Colton's age that "When we die they peel off our bodies and bury them for the rest of our deadness." Anyway, they wanted to walk around and look at other headstones and Chance would read them and Colton was very good about not walking on them. Then they spotted a wall they wanted to go look at, turns out it's a place for urns. Chance noted the squares weren't big enough for a body, so what were they for? I explained that some people want their bodies burned up because they don't want to be buried under the ground, so their ashes are put into a nice box and placed in the wall. And that some people have very special places they enjoyed going to when they were alive that they would like to be buried at but can't. So they ask that their bodies be burned and the ashes sprinkled on their special place, like the mountains or a golf course. Chance was concerned that the ashes get mixed in with the dirt and I told him that was the whole idea, to which Colton added "Like when I sprinkle salt on my mac and cheese." There wasn't much to say after that, he pretty well summed it up.

Then we went to Fulbright Park where the old farm machinery is kept. I'd never been there before either so we all had a first-time exploring experience. Colton being the climber he is was hard to keep on the ground and we ran out of time before we got to see everything. Next time we'll pack a lunch and he can climb to his heart's content. Maybe it will work out that you can come too because it's amazing what they have. They've even taken a log cabin, chuck wagon and trapper's cabin and restored them and furnished them like they would have originally been. One weekend this summer they start up some of the old machinery and folks can watch them work. I'll try to remember to tell you when it is and maybe we can arrange for the boys to see it - Chance said he didn't think it was worth it for you to drive all the way from Moses Lake just to see it - so I guess you can make up your own minds about that!

Right now, I'm needing a nap!!

Verna - thank you so much for taking good care of the boys this weekend. As you can imagine, I didn't get much more than "fine, fun, and okay" out of Chance - one word at a time, of course. Colton was full of stories - they had a wonderful time. I am hoping you have a chance to catch up on your rest this week ;-)

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

As I was reading this I could just hear Verna's voice! What a fun recap and a grandmother's version to boot. I love the title, too.