Friday, May 18, 2007

We get to ride in that????

Okay, before I get to my regularly scheduled post, I must make a confession. On Wednesday, I said that we have a fan club that requested camping recipes.

Yeah - it's my mom.

But, mom or not, it was a legitimate request, and I'm counting it as a fan club!!!!!

And, now onto our regularly scheduled programming - errr, I mean, blogging.

Ride a Fire Truck to School Day

Last fall, at our school's annual fundraiser auction, I was lucky enough to win an auction that allowed your child and 3 friends to ride a fire truck to school one day! We gave the present to Chance for Christmas, but then it kind of went to the back burner, and we hadn't done anything about it yet. Well, with only 3 weeks left in school, I thought maybe I'd better get on the ball! We scheduled with the fire department for today.

The gift certificate was for the student and 3 friends. It took some of my best negotiation skills to convince Chance that yes, your brother is your friend, and you really only have two slots left to fill the truck. After a good-natured exchange, in which one party might have threatened extended loss of Game boy privileges, Chance saw it my way and invited Colton, as well as his friends Grant and Ross.

The boys got to take a tour of the trucks, ambulance, and fire station. The regular truck that they use for school things was out, so they got to ride the ladder truck! Based on the looks on their faces, the boys had a great time. They were all smiles when the truck arrived at the school with lights flashing, and left the parking lot with sirens blaring.

I got some great pictures at the station, but Chance was so embarrassed once they got to the school (the truck parked in front of the high school, drawing much attention to the boys from the older kids - it was all positive attention, but it was just too much for Chance), that he practically ran to the classroom without letting me get a picture in front of the truck at school.

What a fun memory for the end of the school year. Thank you, MLFD!!

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