Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Oh my, folks. Life is about to get really good, if only just for a couple hours.

Tonight, after Chance's baseball game, I get to go grocery shopping. This may not seem like a banner news item (or even blogworthy item) to the average gal - but what if I couple the fact that I am going shopping with the fact that I am shopping ALONE (aka-no kids, no spouse, no whiners, no crying, and did I mention no kids?) - okay, now you get it!! How long has it been for you? Wandering the peaceful aisles of Safeway, never once having to tell yourself not to touch the displays, not arguing with anyone about which kind of cereal to put in the cart, not yelling down the aisle at two boys racing to a "coupon machine" about 40 yards ahead to see who can get the coupon first, etc, etc, etc. I am in anticipatory heaven already.

So, I am armed with my lists - a list for camping this weekend, a list of our regular household grocery needs, and a list of the non-food items I will need at the other side of the Wal-Mart. Yes, yes, I am going to go to TWO. SEPARATE. STORES. You see, I am perfectly equipped and able to do this, when I am not towing two whiny, crying, fighting kids behind me - then, it's one-stop-shop or nothing!

In addition, I am armed with my Grocery Game sales list, which lets me use the store ads and the weekly paper coupons to get the best deals on my groceries possible - mostly because I really need a couple pairs of shorts for camping, and this savings will totally justify some new clothing purchases!

So, be jealous, all you who will shop with your children tonight. I will be looking on, armchair parenting like I used to do before I had kids. And I might even say - why doesn' t she do something with that brat? Knowing full-well that next time, the brat will be mine, but thinking this anyway, because, even if just for this moment, it is sooooo not my problem!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Have fun and you can even by A candy bar if you want because you won't have to buy three.

I love the phrase armchair parenting.

Darla said...

I so know what you mean !!!!
Enjoy, I bet you won't even care what time you get home cuz it won't matter... they will be in bed...
Have fun!!!!
Have a great weekend & thanks for all your help....