Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Today, we had Adrian and Elijah over for the day, so Darla could go to District Softball. It was nice for her not to have to corral two busy boys during the games and on the drive, and it was great for me to have playmates to keep my two busy boys entertained throughout the day. Here are some of the excerpts that made today fun . . .

Adrian - Chance, did you know you sound just like one of the boys on my baseball team?

Chance - What's his name?

Adrian - It's ________ (obviously, this is not the most important part of the story, because I don't remember the little guy's name ;-)

Chance - Is he a good hitter?

Adrian - I don't know.

Chance - Well, when he gets up to bat, does he hit the ball most of the time?

Adrian - I don't know! I'm not talking about his hitting, I'm talking about that he sounds like you.

Chance - But, he plays baseball, right?

Adrian - Yeah.

Chance - Then how can you not know if he's a good hitter?

Adrian - (exasperated) I'm not talking about hitting!!!

Chance - But, if he sounds like me, he should be a good baseball player like me. (Of course, in the most humblest of voices)

Elijah - (Comes into the house soaked and caked in mud) Hey Matt, guess what Colton just did to me?

Matt - What?

Elijah - He sprayed me with the hose.

Matt - How did he do that? (Thinking there wasn't any water turned on)

Elijah - We turned the sprayer hose back on.

Matt - You did?! Why did you do that?

Elijah - Because we needed to make big, Big, BIG mud in the dirt pile for our tractors.

Ahhhhh, that explains it all . . .

And, after I was done making some Snickerdoodle cookies--

Chance - Mom, can I have another cookie?

Mom - Nope, you've had two, and you can't have any more until after dinner.

Elijah - Heather, can I have a cookie?

Me - Yep, you can have one.

Elijah - Wow, this is really good. Can I have another one? I mean, after dinner. I mean, can I . . . .
How 'bout you just make a plate of them for me to take home!

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Darla said...

Thank you so much for taking the boys... I'd say you have no idea what a big help that is but I'd be lying.. You do..... The boys love being out there... Obviously you know that cuz they both run away when I show up instead of running to me *lol*.... As soon as I'm thru with state & graduation... It's yours & Matt's turn....
Thanks again