Friday, May 4, 2007

Happenings . . .

Just an update about what's been going on in our crazy household . . .

1. The Respectful Jar - thank you to Matt's Aunt Jennifer for this idea. She, also, was tired of her two kids constantly fighting, so she implemented the Respectful Jar. If you say something derogatory or disrespectful to a family member - you put $$ in the jar. No fighting, no whining, no name-calling, etc. Oh,and one more thing - the jar doesn't make change - so, if you're going to act up, and you only have a $5 - that's just plain gonna hurt! Currently, Chance is putting in 50 c/ per transaction - Colton is putting in a matchbox car (he is 3, doesn't have much money, and responds much quicker when he loses something near and dear, like his cars). So far, Chance's worst day has been $2 (Colton was close with 3 cars that day), but they have also had several days of not having to contribute. And onward we push with Parenting Strategy #546.

2. Baseball - lots of baseball. Chance is in 7th heaven, Colton is somewhere opposite of that. Today, baseball was boring, the Dora coloring book he brought was boring, his football was boring, and his mean mom wouldn't let him play on the toys because they were too far from the field. It was blowing, raining, and cold. I am 100% certain that Chance didn't notice any of this. He got a few hits, got to play catcher, made a great catch in center field, and got Rice Krispy Treats and pineapple juice after the game. It just doesn't get much better in a 7-year-old's little world.

3. I can't keep either of my boys in pants. Chance comes home with holes in his jeans pretty much daily, and lately, Colton is the same. Colton has a bit of an excuse, though, because everything he is wearing has already been worn generously by Chance at that age - it had a head start on the whole threadbare situation. Chance, on the other hand, is just plain rough. Do all 7-year-olds slide wherever they go? I got mad last week, because he was sliding all over the yard on purpose, and told him if he slid on purpose again, he would have to do the laundry himself and get the grass stains out - and that if he ripped his pants, he would have to use his own money to buy a new pair. It took about 5 minutes. Lucky for him, he has more than a little bit of his mom in him - we hit a yard sale the next day that had stacks and stacks of jeans in his size, plus the next size up. He got out of his punishment with a pair of pristine Wranglers for a measly $1, and I got 5 more pairs and some school shirts for a total of $10. Today, he was sliding all around again, so I'm thinking either the lesson didn't sink in, or he is totally confident in his yard-sale abilities.

4. We are headed to a craft show this weekend. It is near my home town, so we get to stay with my parents for the weekend. Colton thought we were going today, so he cried all the way to daycare that he "just needed his Grandma D, RIGHT NOW!" That was pleasant. I'm looking forward to a good weekend - time with family, dinner on Friday night, and hopefully a successful weekend business-wise.

5. The cows are doing most fantastic. They are just chomping away, day and night. This is a good thing, since their main purpose in life (though I suspect they are blissfully unaware) is to fatten themselves up and make a good year's full of meat for us and a few other families. We have named them . . . . . "A" and "B" - because with two little boys and one emotional wife, you just can't be naming and endearing yourselves to something you plan to kill in the foreseeable future. Colton has prayed almost every night this week - "thank you for our cows, thank you for "A" and thank you for "B" and please let daddy let us name them something more than "A" and "B""

And, now that I have completely bored you with the mundane details of my everyday life (because, somehow, based on my other posts, you thought it was so exciting), I will sign off. I wish all of you the best of weekends. Darla - get some rest - you deserve it!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Heather, I LOVE this post. You have such a clever and interesting way of writing everything. I truly loved this.

Darla said...

You crack me up... You are as busy as I.... and you are still thinking of me.. What a great friend... or is it because I'm much older & you are worried about my health *lol*
Thanks for being my sounding rock, I'm sure you have days you'd like to shut me up but you don't you listen... I hope you have a great weekend with your family & good luck at Carnie Land... AT least I know you are in a safe bed this time...
See ya on Monday