Monday, May 7, 2007


A few little gems from the mind of Colton this past week . . .

1. Background - Matt picks the boys up from school, stops at the store, then at my work on the way home. The kids are playing around, drawing, using the calculator, etc. while Matt gets some fertilizer. . . .

Colton - Mommy, I need to tell you a secret.
Mommy - Okay (leaning down)
Colton - We bought you some flowers.
Mommy - What? (not sure what I heard)
Colton - (Now in a fairly loud stage whisper) We bought you some FLOWERS!
Daddy - Colton Steel!!!!!
Colton - (Immediately crying) I just wanted to tell her the secret
Daddy - But you are not supposed to tell secrets
Colton - Oh no, am I in big trouble????

2. Background - We are eating at Red Robin. Colton is throwing a bit of a fit, because he did not eat his dinner, and is not allowed to order his own dessert (we are sharing). . . .

Colton - Fine then! I will get my own ice cream, and I will sneak it away and eat it myself!
Uncle Judd - Hey Colton - first rule of sneaking - don't tell anyone else you're going to do it.
Colton - Why not?
Uncle Judd - Because then they'll know you're going to sneak it.
Colton - SO!!!!

3. Background - Hanging out at my parents house on Friday night . . .

Colton - Mommy, why doesn't Grandma D have a walker anymore?
Mommy-Because she is getting better. Now, she just has to use a cane most of the time.
Colton - Oh.
Mommy - Isn't that great that she is feeling that much better?
Colton - (After a slight pause) Yeah, but she's still old, though!

Happy Monday! Hope you all have a great week ;-)

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