Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Threes . . .

Okay, I had posted for the day. Admittedly, it was more of an informational post, and not necessarily entertaining in any way, but I got it done. And, as I'm relaxing a bit, catching up on my blog reading, I get this challenge from Darla.

Well, tomorrow is recipe day, and Thursday is Thankful Thursday, and you know Darla will give me such a hard time if I put this off until Friday. So, here it is, my first ever double-post day! HOORAY!

So, here is my life, in threes . . .

I LOVE: Jesus, My Husband, My Boys, My Family

I MISS: Feeling carefree, Size 12, Having time to read a good book

I HATE: Evil, People who hurt kids, Onions

PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME LAUGH: My kids, My mom, Matt

SCARE ME: Being a widow, Someone hurting my kids, Really anything outside my planned little existence

ON MY DESK: Diet Coke, Laptop, Chance's homework

I WANT TO DO THIS IN MY LIFE: Raise children God is proud of, Touch some one's life that I never know about, Fulfill whatever God's plan is for me

THINGS I CAN DO: Multi-task, Cook, Love

THINGS I CAN’T DO: Hurt someone on purpose; Relax (at least not very well); and apparently I cannot leave a cookie, candy, or any other delectable morsel untouched in my house.

THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO LEARN: Photography, Writing, More Cooking

I REGRET: Not finishing college, Not writing a book yet, Every time I have screamed at my children

FAVORITE FOODS: Anything my mom has cooked; Matt's creme brulee; And, well, pretty much anything sweet, rich, or a combination of the two.

FAVORITE TV SHOWS AS A KID: Growing Pains, Gilligan's Island, The Facts of Life

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