Monday, April 9, 2007

From Oceans to Prairies

Cow Day

So, Saturday was cow day at Uncle Sam's ranch. The boys loaded up in the car bright and early Saturday morning, and headed for Yakima. They had a great day! They got to help herd the calves, climbed lots of fences, ate a great "ranch-hand" lunch, and had tons of fun with their cousins and the other children there.

They all had great stories to tell when they got home - you know the regular things boys would be interested in in a situation like this - who got cow poop on their boots, who got cow poop or pee on their pants, who helped give shots, who helped hold legs, etc.

For those who have not been to a "cow day" (I'm not being condescending - this includes me, too. I just gather all the wonderful pictures and do fabulous scrapbook pages about it!) it includes many wonderful things for the calves - branding, shots, and the would-be bulls getting turned into steers. I'm thinking the calves look forward to this day all spring long - wouldn't you?

The turning the calves into steers part obviously had the greatest impact on Chance. As everyone was telling stories about their day, he pretty much only had one thing to say -

"Mom, it was totally gross. They were turning the boy cows into steers, and I actually touched the barnacles with my hand! It was sooooo nasty!

Barnacles, huh? Matt, am I mistaken? I thought you took our boys to a ranch, not the ocean!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Heather! This makes me miss branding days on our ranch. I loved it as a kid and my kids loved it as kids. What a great tradition for you to all have.

The barnacles is a good one. Can't wait to see how you journal that one on a scrapbook page.

Darla said...

Barnacles .....hmmmm not that doesn't seem like much of a ranch word *lol*

How fun.... what an experience for the boys & you got a day to yourself ... yipee!!!

Janice said...

So, did the ranch-hand lunch include any Rocky Mountain Oysters?!! Chance would probably be really grossed out by visiting a sheep farm for the same festivities! I actually had a Sheep Science Professor in College teach us how to castrate lambs the Basque way! Made me very glad we used the elastic bands with our lambs & calves!