Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Calling In Sick

At work, anytime you get and/or receive a call at about 6:30 in the morning - some one's either going to be late, or not going to be there at all.

Yesterday, Darla called me at 6:30 - she had the flu, and wasn't going to make it in.

This morning, as I called her at about 6:30, my first words were "you'd better be feeling better . . ."

Because, we have got a nasty case of---

Pink Eye!

Chance came home from school yesterday with a pretty red, goopy eye. By this morning, it was swollen just about shut. YUCK!

I have the best nurse at our local clinic, who worked us right into today's appointments. Thanks, Deb! Anyway, the Dr. informs us that after a full day on the medicine, Chance won't be contagious, so he can go back to school tomorrow - which he wasn't too thrilled about - until he remembered that tomorrow is baseball practice. No school, no practice. Suddenly, this afternoon, he is feeling much better, finishing up his schoolwork that he missed, and ready to go outside and throw a few balls around!

So, hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on track, with life a little closer to normal.

PS - Isn't it a beautiful day!!!!!

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