Friday, April 27, 2007

Bear Grylls, You got Nothin' on Us!

My husband has the best imagination - an no inhibitions what-so-ever about using it. It's one of the things I so admire about him. I have like this much (picture thumb and finger poised about 1 mm apart) imagination. Unless, of course, someone I love is 5 minutes late or won't answer their phone. Then, my non-existent imagination goes into overdrive, picture all the ways they could be hurt, in trouble, or other such catastrophic things.

Colton seems to have inherited Matt's spontaneous nature, and Chance (so far) seems to have more of my conservative streak in him.

Last weekend, Matt and Chance went on a fishing expedition to some lakes in the northern part of our state. It is in a pretty woodsy area, and just a beautiful lake to stay at. The first two days, they were by themselves, and then the rest of the family joined them.

They are avid watchers of "Man vs. Wild" on the Discovery Channel. If you've never seen it, this guy - Bear Grylls - puts himself into survival situations, and then you watch, mostly on the edge of your comfy, cushioned couch seat, as he find his way through many perilous adventures, back to civilization. There are many things he has done to survive in these situations, that I'm positive I would have just curled up in a fetal position and died of starvation, dehydration, etc. before I attempted them. He is a true warrior!

But, I digress. The boys (okay probably Matt) thought their little mountain lakes would be the perfect backdrop for a "Man vs. Wild" home video. If I didn't fear marital separation, I would post an excerpt here on the blog - because, folks, it. was. hilarious! At one point, during a handy segment on pooping in the wilderness, you can hear Chance (who is filming at the time) from behind the camera saying - "You are going to be in so much trouble from Mommy for that part!"

Admittedly, they didn't ever look very much like this picture, in which Bear Grylls is actually traversing some dangerous terrain.

Most of the time, it looked more like this picture. But, it was funny, entertaining, and unforgettable none-the-less.

I am so thankful that Matt has the confidence to be funny, silly, spontaneous, and crazy around the family. I hope some of that rubs off on the boys. They will make such great fathers if it does!

Thanks, sweetie. You constantly remind me what it's supposed to be all about. You are a great dad!


Darla said...

You are so lucky.... He is such a great dad.. but they have a pretty great mom too!!!!

Cynthia said...

What a fun Father & son outing and way to document it. I'll bet it's a riot!